Friday, April 10, 2020

Easter Activities

This year while we're missing out on going to Palm Beach for Spring Break, visiting the Easter Bunny, taking a hayride to the Bunny's house, the country club Easter Egg Hunt and many other things - we're still trying to make the most of it. We are staying home but doing our best to enjoy this time with a toddler who is such a fun age for it!

We've done a lot of Easter coloring sheets, coloring Easter eggs to hang on our deck window and a few other little "learning' activities.

We were so lucky to have a local play center schedule visits from the Easter bunny in your yard - Tatum still was not thrilled with the Easter Bunny standing alone but if he was being held and before/after the visit it was all "bunny! bunny! where the bunny!"  

We've been working on colors since we've been at home and enjoy hard boiled eggs so I figured we'd dye eggs a couple times - the first try for this year was a huge success - he loved it and things didn't get too messy.

This is recycled from last year but the "Easter Egg Scoop" game is a favorite again this year - except last year, it was a little bit more contained and less water on the floor.  Oh well, whatever works to pass the time and stay home these days!

We were supposed to be on Spring Break in Florida this week so we've been trying to do some special little things at home to make other memories.  First up was family movie night with "Hop" - hoping to do Peter Rabbit this weekend.

We had s'mores by the firepit earlier in the week and many other people must have had the same thought because all the marshmallows and chocolate were out so I ended up with a very Easter themed dessert using peeps and chocolate bunnies.

I made Tatum a couple "egg carton meals" this week for breakfast and lunch and while occasionally picky or takes his time, he seemed to like them! (and they were fun to put together)

Last night we did some cut out sugar cookies and decorating (more to come) but earlier in the week we did slice and bake cookies to drop off to some of Tatum's friends on their porches with and Easter chalk set from Amazon.


  1. Great pics!!!
    Little one didn't like the Easter bunny huh

  2. I can't believe how creative you are! I am super impressed! He seems to love the activities too! His reaction to the Easter bunny... priceless.