Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Toddler At Home Learning

When I dropped Tatum off for Mother's Day Out the Wednesday before we were quarantined, I never thought that would be the last time (probably for the rest of the year/rest of his time there) but we've been making the most of it.  We have a little schedule for weekdays and during the morning hours when he'd usually be at "school" I try to plan 3-4 morning activities mixed in with playing.  On the days its warm enough, we always take a long walk right before lunch - partly to get outside but partly so I can exercise.

I found my activities and ideas through just a simple Amazon browse, other blogs and Pinterest so I figured I'd share!  I ordered a bunch of things right when this started - some of which we haven't gotten to yet so I'll do another post sharing those once we try.  The things we work on most are sensory items, colors, numbers, shapes and new words.

Toy Story Day:  After Mickey, Toy Story is high up there - we did a large Toy Story coloring sheet, a Toy Story play pack, played with the Toy Story little people and then matched the little characters to the bigger sized ones. (Toy Story Little People / Big Coloring Sheets / Play Packs)

Ball Color Sorting: We have the balls from a ball pit baby toy and I just put a color of construction paper into each bin, about ten balls in each color into a bigger bin and he had to run each ball over to the corresponding bin.

Bean Bag Colors:  Similar to the ball sorting game just more colors and one bean bag per color.
(Bean Bag Color Set / Bins are $0.99 at Target)

Puzzles:  I grabbed this puzzle six pack from Amazon and he loves it he does one then moves excitedly onto the next and is so entertained. (puzzle set)

Flash Cards:  I have about 4 sets of $2 flashcard packs to help work on his words - Tatum was a little behind on speech and the amount of words in his vocabulary but he's been doing so much better!
(first words / colors and shapes / numbers)

Bear Color Sorting:  This is for sure a favorite!  This set came with six colored cups and about ten bears per color plus a sorting tool.  He loves matching the bears into each cup. (Color Sorting)

Learning Matching Puzzles:  These puzzles come in a set with two pieces per puzzle but you set them up a bunch at a time so he has to match each piece of the puzzle then complete it. 
(matching puzzles)

Coloring:  We do a lot of coloring and recently have done a bunch of Easter print outs - I got these larger white pieces of paper and he loves doodling away.  Of course he couldn't care less about all the markers/crayons that we have but loves sneaking pens off the office desk so I ordered a pack of clickable pens (his favorite) to add to the coloring stash.

Painting:  Last but not least we've be doing any Easter crafts that we can - luckily I stocked up on a few in early March.  Next we'll get into just doing water colors and painting on plain paper!

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