Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Recent Amazon Purchases

Happy Thursday - almost to another "weekend" but I'm pretty excited for it as the weather is finally going to be wonderful both days here this weekend.  Like many people, Amazon boxes have been being delivered very frequently here - the smallest necessities to bigger items to keep entertained during quarantine and little treats in between... 

craft pom poms & dough tools kit: I did a recent order on some crafting items to use to do activities with Tatum as he's seemed to be into "projects" lately during our school time.

a summer affair word search puzzle book: In addition to puzzles while being stuck at home, I've started to enjoy word searches now too - I like that I can do them anywhere or outside unlike the puzzle in just one spot.  Lots of reading too - Elin Hilderbrand is still my favorite.

stainless steel 10 piece utensil set & meat/potato masher straws: A few new kitchen items to replace or add to old ones.  I also grabbed some new mixing bowls/storage containers for miscellaneous things.  It's become a little too easy to click on household needs like straws or toiletries to get at just a click.

velcro fastener 3 pack 5x7 white picture frames: We've been working on crossing little home projects off a to do list that hasn't been touched in a while - plants, rugs and changing out some picture frames/finishing decorating a final room we never got to after painting last summer.  The velcro is fantastic for a toddler who loves to take the couch cushions off!

dinosaur 12 pack with book: Most of what I've ordered for Tatum have been learning, crafting or activity items but he's shown a growing interest in dinosaurs lately and this set is great.  The dinosaurs are a good size and 

navy ruffle dress: It's been mostly workout clothes since we've been home but I've been enjoying Amazon dresses the past year so a little treat never hurts.

propane fire pit : Last but not least - this is our favorite quarantine purchase yet!  We got it right when things got quiet (now it's about 3-5 week turnaround but worth the wait) it's great to sit by, make s'mores, enjoy - we love it!

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  1. One of my very favorite thing to do with my boys with things like those little dinosaurs (Pokemon minifigures over here) is freeze them in ice so they have to work to get them out. You can do one or two in a smaller cup or a bunch in a big bowl. I mix ice cubes in with water so the don't all sink. They use water guns or squirt bottles to get them out. On cooler days it takes a while and hot days they can get them out pretty fast (we do it outside).