Friday, October 30, 2020

Halloween Eve: This & That

Even though many things are cancelled or different this year, we've been trying to fit in what Halloween fun we can.  I can't believe it's tomorrow - Tatum is very ready to "trick or treat."  Our annual chili night and Hayride to the Witches House was a success earlier this month.

I like to make up little candy bags each year anyway but this year our neighborhood agreed this way would be safest with a table setup in driveway so I had fun putting our bags together during the Bachelorette the other night.

Halloween movie night (is most nights) but with popcorn, cookies and Mommy/Daddy on the couch was a special treat.

Halloween baking - Tatum did most of the cookie cutting and decorating himself this year which made it more fun (and easier for us ha!)  Looking forward to Christmas cookie baking with him already.

Last but not least - Tatum is finally off to in person preschool next week as his school is finally opening back up.  A little Halloween party to celebrate the end of pod learning.

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