Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Halloween Crafts

This year has been fun working on Halloween crafts and projects with Tatum - he really gets the holiday and gets excited over pumpkins, ghost, witches, etc.  He also really likes helping make the crafts instead of me just doing it for him.

Hand Print Boo & Hand Print Pumpkin: Very easy - he loved doing the handprints and wanted to help paint his hand for the imprint himself.  I finished up the crafts with the rest as he didn't have much interest.

Paper Plate Pumpkin:  He colored and did the stickers, I put the face on.

Cotton Ball Ghost: This was another one he really liked helping with.  Glue did get all over the place as he wanted to do a lot of the cotton balls, but fun was had.

Color Spider Web:  I put a couple of each color sticker - red, yellow, blue, green, orange onto the spider web and then it was his turn to match up the color sticker on the sheet with the color sticker on the spider web.  A very easy way to work on colors.

October Reading Log:  When the library closed during quarantine we got fairly lazy about our daily reading.  He loves his Halloween books so we try to make sure to read one or two a day then put a sticker on his chart.

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