Tuesday, October 13, 2020

This & That: October Fun

This month is already flying by - on the first of October each year, we have a basket ready for Tatum with some fun things for the months - a couple holiday books to add to his collection, festive pajamas, crafts/activities to work on.

We got started on the activities right away, I usually keep them all in a bin and we grab out a few each week plus holiday coloring, Pinterest crafts, baking, etc.

Pumpkins are a hit this year - We had fun going to a festive fall market with Lovie and Poppy to finish our porch display and help with theirs.

Last but not least, I tried to get our fall decorations up early/on time this year - shortly after Halloween I want to be getting it down to get ready for Christmas decorations!  I also try to add more and more Halloween items instead of just neural fall each year since it's more kid friendly.

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  1. Love your Halloween decorations and the Halloween activity basket is such a good idea!