Monday, November 2, 2020

Halloween 2020

We had a great Halloween this year - one of the most normal days in the past 7 months.  Friday night on Halloween Eve we started off the festivities carving pumpkins, doing sticker pumpkins, playing Bingo and watching a Halloween movie.

Saturday morning we had the most delicious Halloween breakfast delivered to our door - Krispy Kreme Halloween themed donuts. 

Tatum had a visit from family to show off his costume then we headed over to the neighborhood Halloween parade - with so many events cancelled this was such fun for the kids.  

We got an early start on trick or treating - it was so cold out - but this was the first year that Tatum really got it and he was so excited to run to each house grabbing his candy bag and putting into his bucket.  So much enthusiasm from him.  We all put tables outside to keep contact minimal and it was actually one positive of this year - it really worked great.

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  1. Love your decorated porch, and especially like the spider pumpkin.