Thursday, October 22, 2020

Tatum is Three


Our not so little boy turned three years old last week!  He has fully developed his own little personality, loves to help and do things on his own, has been doing well with at home learning (numbers, colors, letters), will be starting in school preschool soon and his favorites continue to be trains, "wee-ooo's" (firetrucks) and golf.

We had a great day celebrating - it was pouring rain outside so we had a lazy morning playing with new things, Daddy was able to join us for lunch and that evening family came over for dinner, presents, celebrating and playing - he had a blast!

I happened to have a doctor's appointment the day before so baby brother even sent him a special message for the big day.

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  1. I'm so glad he had a wonderful birthday! I love that he calls firetrucks wee-ooo's. That is just the cutest! Jacob used to call cars "beep-beeps" and trucks "whoa-whoas." We have no idea where "whoa-whoa" came from though. Lol.