Tuesday, May 5, 2020

This & That

This weekend we finally had some great weather to enjoy and the golf courses opened back up so Derek was happy and right out the door.  Both Saturday and Sunday I spent a lot of time on the deck and Sunday night we spent just about the whole night outside doing a shrimp broil and enjoying family time.

The firepit has been a lot of fun to let Tatum make s'mores for dessert - he loves roasting the marshmallows - sometimes he wants the full s'more and sometimes just graham crackers.

Tatum and I both are getting a little drained on learning and school items so any morning it's nice enough we try to do something quick to learn and get outside to play - he has the best time and it totally exhausts him before nap.

Forget all his toys, a quarantine favorite has been collecting rocks around the neighborhood, playing with them and throwing them into the water - when I remember our time stuck at home, this new favorite for Tatum will definitely be a memory.

Stella remains the princess of the house - she never leaves our sides and loves having us home including all the extra walks she gets - we switched out a few old rugs for new ones and she's definitely breaking them in.

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  1. Wow, Tatum has quite the rock collection going! Your shrimp dinner looks INCREDIBLE!