Thursday, May 14, 2020

Toddler At Home Learning: Part Two

When quarantine started I thought for sure Tatum would be going back to Mother's Day Out after the initial 4 weeks off (two week break and then just continued until after Spring Break) but now we've solidly gotten into a routine of a couple morning activities (or some days just playing - especially if it's nicer and we play outside!)  Water color painting is definitely a new favorite and other simple things like coloring, water wow packs, stickers, etc.

In addition to some of the learning activities that I bought (we still do all of the things I shared the first time) I've spent more time browsing on Pinterest for DIY activities and such.  This one was easy to make and he did well at - colored stickers onto bathroom cups - first he sorted the cups by colors and then had to match the cups to the colored squares.

This was probably Tatum's favorite activities to date and it's from Busy Toddler.  A couple drops of food coloring, covered up by a spoonful of baking soda and then he poured a measuring cup of vinegar over it to see it fizz until the color was revealed.

Another similar one that was a highlight was a coffee filter day - first up coffee filter rainbow - just outline a circle of each color on the filter then fold it up into a cup and he got to pour the water in and see the rainbow go.  Next was tie dye coffee filters - he wasn't very into drawing the patterns but loved spraying the water on them to see it spread.

Working on colors during breakfast - sorting his fruit loops while eating them too.

Color sorting legos - this went well at first and he'd build by color too and then he just wanted to build them all together which was fine!  I cleaned out our playroom a few weeks ago and organized a toy closet that he can't get into - many days I'll just grab a different toy or set out and it's like brand new and occupies him for a while.

Another from Busy Toddler.  "Car Escape" - I saw it with matchbox cars taped down but we have more little people so I used those and it kept him going for a bit, especially when he tried to tape them back on.

Button Art - You match the color buttons to the color on the drawing - there's about ten or so different pictures to do.  He had fun putting the buttons on but this will probably be better in about six months or so for him.

Elmo numbers - we've been working on numbers in many different ways but since he's taken a liking to Sesame Street, which we watch many mornings now too in addition to Mickey, this seemed like a fun way to learn.  Also, his dress up Elmo set that the Easter Bunny brought.

On the same note of characters - Mickey magnets and while he wasn't quite ready for a whole mickey matching game, he enjoyed matching the cards to the characters.


  1. Yass. Loving all the busy activities. How fun! Totally pinning this for the future for Viv.

    Kaitlyn @ Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

  2. We did the coffee filter coloring with water when my son was younger. When they dried we cut them into flower shapes and used pipe cleaners to make stems, I still have some in a vase!