Wednesday, May 20, 2020

This & That

Another week of quarantine... I try to find any positive of this situation and spending so much time with Tatum has been one (we certainly get on each others nerves too!) but usually we're always on the go, packing a suitcase, have plans, etc. so in some ways it is nice to slow down... but I'm ready to pick back up again!

We enjoy outside time anytime we can!  Weather has been iffy but we have had some great days and look forward to that summer weather hitting us soon.

Each weekend morning when I have more time Stella and I do a long walk around a nature preserve near us and it's been a nice weekend treat with not much else going on.

Most of our mornings have been cool but when it's warm enough that early, we've been enjoying breakfast on the deck.

Basic quarantine - baking banana bread!  I've really tried to let as little food go to waste as I can during this time since we don't go to the store as much but also have enjoyed taking the time to bake - hoping to bake something different each week for the next little bit.

Back at the start of May it was a chilly night so we couldn't even use our deck but we couldn't let Cinco de Mayo pass without Mexican takeout and margaritas.

This past weekend we spent a lot of time working on outdoor tasks - power washing, mulching and starting to work on our flowers - aiming to finish that this weekend!


  1. This is a great time to get house projects done! I feel like Tatum is your husband's mini me.

  2. Breakfast on the deck sounds lovely! What'd you think of that banana bread? My friends were OBSESSED when I made it for a girls night...way back when there were girls nights, haha!

  3. We are right there with you! We love to travel and were crushed when our Disney trip got canceled TWICE, but I suppose it is what it is! It looks like y'all are making the most of it! Hopefully y'all will be able to get away soon! We are actually going to be able to go on our trip to the beach in 30A this year, and I'm so thankful! Things will definitely look different than usual, but I'm just thankful we get to go!