Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

Mother's Day was different this year of course like everything else - but at some points that day I forgot for a little bit about the situation we're all in because while it was low key, the boys and I had a great day!  

Derek and I celebrated a little bit the Thursday before too - as golf courses are the only thing that are open around here, on Thursday evening I joined him for golf just to watch and drive the golf cart around.  I think I'll definitely join him again - it was a really fun way to pass the evening especially in nice weather - we finished the night with takeout and playing cards by the fire pit.

Sunday morning I slept in which was wonderful!  I went down to find a bunch of flowers, coupons to cash in laster (my favorite!) and homemade crafts from Tatum which I love getting.  We made eggs benedict together for breakfast which was both fun and delicious.

We spent a good bit of the afternoon playing outside and enjoying the sunshine - great family time which is my favorite!

My parents and brother came over for a little bit that evening for dinner and it was great to see them as we barely have recently...

We were supposed to be away on vacation on Kiawah island with my family spending the day relaxing on the beach but I love my little family and enjoyed the all day family time with them that we did get. Once everyone went home we finished things off cuddled on the couch watching the Disney Family Singalong. 

One item in my mother's day basket to my mom - matching Lilly masks (a very Mother's Day 2020 gift) - it was great to get to see her for a little bit after everyone being quarantined.  Tatum was very proud of his gifts that he made for both Lovie and Mimi.

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