Thursday, May 7, 2020

2 1/2 Year Old Favorites

It's hard to believe I used to do monthly favorites for Tatum's first year and now we are at 2 and a half years!  He loves playing which has been great since we're stuck at home and plays well by himself for the most part.  He's gained a few toys that he wouldn't normally have due to being stuck at home for 2 + months like the trampoline, jumbo blocks and dinosaurs and continues to go to old favorites.

If he sees a tool in Derek's hand he has to run to his tool bench to gran his.  Buzz and Woody (and their crew) remain very big favorites and he's always serving up coffees and treats on a set he got from Christmas.  Now that it's warmer out we're pulling out some toys from last summer like his baseball  set and balls.  His scooter, a birthday gift, has been a big favorite this spring and he's really gotten the hang of it!

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