Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has pretty much turned into a family holiday around here - which we enjoy since we never did anything crazy to celebrate anyway. We had a couple things for Tatum (and Stella) to open which we got to before dinner then he was so excited to play with his new items that evening (and all weekend long).

I had gathered a few cute activities I'd seen on Pinterest for him to do and they really kept him entertained for a while - the color matching hearts was his favorite and he did a fairly well job getting them matched up.  Stickers were fun and not only ended up on the papers but all over us also.  I think the color stamping heart we'll try again next year, that one didn't go too well!

We had been trying to decide what to do for dinner that night and last minute we just decided to do make your own pizzas and salads - it was very easy and fun to put the pizzas together - we had to sit the dough out for a bit to get it ready so we ended up eating pretty late but Tatum never objects to a late bedtime.

We finished the night off with a dessert charcuterie board and watching movies - it was a great low key day spent with both of my boys.

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