Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Palm Beach: Part One

We spent most of last week in sunny Florida - Palm Beach to be exact.  We left early Tuesday morning so we were able to enjoy the whole day down there.  We were greeted with sunshine and warm weather right away which made everyone happy.  After checking in at The Breakers, we got right into our bathing suits and walked out back by the pools to Ocean House for lunch.

Tatum was itching to get to the pool or beach since he could see it from our table so I asked if he wanted to take a walk which quickly got an "uh huh!" answer and we did while Derek finished up and gathered our stuff.  Our first stop was the beach - we didn't even get chairs just went down to spend a while playing, walking around and dipping toes into the ocean.

Our final stop for the afternoon was up to the kids pool - with four pools to chose from, there's always a great spot.  We got up late in the day so Tatum had the shallow end pretty much to himself to throw toys in and run get them.  He took a nap just about at cocktail hour so we switched over to the main pool to finish the day. 

We took a little bit of time to get settled in the room and cleaned up then headed down for a not too late dinner at the Italian Restaurant at the entertainment center - before sitting down we let Tatum play in the play center and arcade for a little bit and then enjoyed our meals which were just as good as we could remember.  

The boys finished up the night with a scoop of ice cream from Mary Lily's on the way back to the room - we were all ready for bed early.  No day is complete without either of them watching the golfers - it's looking like Tatum likes golf just as much as his daddy.

We all woke up totally refreshed the next day and ready for another great weather day.  Our first stop each visit is usually the grab and go breakfast place to get something little to eat outside and then the playground - the slide continues to be Tatum's favortie. 

We set off early that morning for a little bit of adventuring - our first stop was Manatee Lagoon, which in all our visits to Palm Beach, we'd never done.  In searching "things to do with kids" I found it and we all enjoyed it - we saw about four or five manatees and Tatum made his way home with a little stuffed manatee.

Next up was a usual favorite of ours - Worth Avenue!  We strolled the streets popping in stores then had lunch outside at Pizza Al Fresco - there are so many good eats in Palm Beach, this had been on my list for years and it didn't disappoint.  Derek and I split a salad to start and we got two different types of pizza to all enjoy.

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