Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentines Day: This & That

Happy Valentine's Day!  I've had such fun this month doing little activities with Tatum.  This was his first year to bring Valentines to "school" at Mother's day Out and like the years before he made homemade Valentine's for family members - this year he was very into it - he put finger print dots onto his card then stickers on top of that!

Tatum's favorite thing at the moment is "coooookies" and since Mother's Day out kids can be younger I went with the cookie theme and then a little dunkin donuts gift card with candy for his teachers.

At the end of January I ran into Michael's for some crafts to entertain him throughout the month and by then they were already super on sale at I think 40% off so I just grabbed a bunch and made a note to do some each week. Painting on the easel was definitely his favorite!

Since he's finally almost old enough for some homemade crafts, I had fun browsing Pinterest - a few were flops but this "Love You to Pieces" was a hit.  I made the printable and then just cut construction paper into pieces, put double sided tape on and handed to Tatum and he put the pieces into the heart. A great keepsake and gift for grandparents.

Last night we had the best time making Valentine's Day cookies.  We always make so many over Christmas, I think I forget about other holidays but this Christmas we didn't end up using some of the roll out dough so I saved it for Valentine's Day... I think going forward I'll try to remember to do cookies for other holidays!  We equally had fun rolling out the cookies as well as decorating them!


  1. Your heart cookies look DELICIOUS! As always, I absolutely love how festive you make all the holidays. Just so special!

  2. Love the "one smart cookie" valentine idea.