Wednesday, February 26, 2020

February This & That

February was a quiet yet fun month - we had a ton of birthdays between friends and family.  We loved our trip to Florida, celebrating Valentines Day and much more.  The day after we got home from Florida was the Super Bowl and last minute we threw a little party together with friends until halftime.

We finally got around to going to the library on a regular basis which I've been wanting to do for a long time now.  Tatum loves playing with the toys, goes for music and reading sometimes and we try to go once a week (sometimes a little longer) to get books to check out to read before bed that week!

Our big boy is working on his transition to a big boy bed.  We officially stopped his sleep sack about a month or so ago - he wore it as long as he could and loved it - luckily he gave it up without too bad of a fight.  Next step, the crib piece to transition into a training bed!

At the start of the month we celebrated Lovie's birthday!  We had the best time celebrating her with a full night of family time.  We all went out for drinks then dinner and then went back to their house for cake, presents and family time!

To finish out the last weekend of the month we snuck in a date night to celebrate Valentine's Day and then Derek's family visited to celebrate another special February birthday for Mimi!

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  1. February was a fun month for you all! I love Tatum's outfit in that first picture - so cute!