Friday, February 7, 2020

Palm Beach: Part Two

Once we got back to the hotel from our adventures, we got our bathing suits on right away and got right out into the sun.  Since we'd spent the morning out, we decided to just do the pool today and let Tatum swim until he was exhausted. By mid afternoon he was ready for an almost two hour nap by the pool (total win for us!) and then a little bit more of swimming before calling it a day!

Tatum's at an age where we don't really need to bring many toys on vacation - just entertainment for the plane - he thinks everything in the room is so much fun... highlights include jumping on the bed, "talking" on the room phone and coloring with the pen/paper on the notepad at the desk.

We had dinner downstairs the hotel that night at probably our favorite restaurant in Palm Beach - The Seafood Bar.  A lot of the time we have our favorites at restaurants but here I feel like we're always trying different things on the menu - tonight we tried new to us blue crab nachos and they were amazing!  While Tatum isn't allowed to sit at the bar he loves to look at the fish.

To finish off the night we did the same as the night before, ice cream at Mary Lily's and a scoop for me this time - it's the cutest little shop with all sorts of candy and treats.

Thursday we kicked off our day with a walk down by the water, popping in a few stops up Royal Poinciana Way and stopping in the pro shop.  It was a little overcast in the morning which was nice for our walk and cleared just as we were getting back.

A long pool/beach day was ahead of us - we opted to do the beach for a while before lunch and it was great family time - a little different than the days where Derek and I peacefully laid in the sun for hours, but a nice different!

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