Monday, February 10, 2020

Palm Beach: Part Three

Today I'm wrapping up our winter stay in Palm Beach.  I think I've said it before but Tatum's getting to be a really fun age to travel with - you can really see the excitement on his face and see him enjoying things.  One thing we really had fun with this trip was his little kids passport we got while checking in - he had to take it to a bunch of different spots around the resort to ask a question or do something to get a sticker and then he got a prize at the end of the week when we finished it.

Thursday we came up from the beach to have lunch at the Beach  Club - Derek and I each had salads that were delicious.  A new treat we added to Tatum's travel/meal activities for this trip was a "water wow" pack - he loved it and it kept him very entertained. 

That afternoon we had a couple quiet uninterrupted hours by the adult pool to read and relax - it was so peaceful.  When Tatum was ready to play we were off to the kids pool again for lots of swimming.

We stayed out at the pool until past 6, which is slowly becoming a new normal for us.  By the end of the day, Tatum had the pool to himself to jump over and over again.  

Thursday night we treated ourselves dinner over at Flager's Steakhouse - we took the trolley from the hotel across the street and ate out on the patio. We each had steaks that were absolutely delicious.

I will say this was not Tatum's best behaved night and he showed little interest in his food - which after all his jumping into the pool we could tell he was exhausted so we ate quick to get back to the room.

Friday morning we were up and out early for our last full day and the same morning routine - quick breakfast, playground and play center and a little basketball for Derek and golfing for Tatum.

We had a long morning swim session that morning and Tatum made a few friends on the steps of the kids pool as they all wanted each others toys along the side of the pool!  We went back to lunch at The Ocean Club and then it was back down to the beach for a bit to run around and pick a few more seashells. 

We finished up our day back at the pool for nap time and then a little bit more playing for Tatum.  Like the day before we stayed out later than usual into the evening time - we wanted to soak up every last little bit of sun because about a half hour after we left the pool it was a total downpour for the rest of the night!

We spent our last dinner back over at the Italian Restaurant - we ate outside on the patio but undercover so we listened to the rain while we ate.  We did a bit of playing inside the play center before heading up to bed.

The next day we had until about 2pm until we needed to leave - rain and colder air were coming in as the day went on but the morning was nice - we were all set to go back to the pool one more time but we decided to sleep in instead and take our time packing up.  We spent the rest of the morning adventuring around the property and then grabbing one more lunch at the Seafood Bar before heading off to the airport.

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