Friday, August 18, 2017

This & That

Happy Friday! We had one of the smoothest weeks we've had in a while - no stress, busy but time to relax each night.  Tomorrow we have some friends coming into town for my baby shower this weekend - I can't wait to have them all here!  This week's been fun doing some things to get ready with my mom - she knows how I love events and let me help pick some things and such as well as a big errands day and lunch together.

In other happenings, last weekend we enjoyed one of our final trips up to the lake for the season - doesn't it feel like it was just June and the summer was just beginning???

Even though the days are busy, I've made it a point lately to take a little break in the afternoons before getting back to the chaos of daily life.

It seems boxes are arriving daily - baby shower gifts, baby necessities and recently nursery decorations - the room is slowly coming together and while we don't have everything yet, we have a plan for what goes where/everything we need.

I'd seen a few bloggers posting delicious recipes for breakfast or breakfast meals they'd eaten, etc. and been wanting something good for a long while so Monday night Derek ran out and we had this casserole for dinner and it didn't disappoint.

After two months of waiting, our window treatments were installed this week! I'm still getting used to seeing them but we love finally having them - it makes things more homey.

With people visiting over the weekend we've been trying to use that as a reason to get house projects done and so we can feel "finished" before the baby comes.  Derek the DIY guy has been at it each day with different projects, wall hangings and such and I love that more and more is getting crossed off the "to do" list.

And our sweet Stella girl has been cuddly as ever... 

Have a good weekend! xx 


  1. I love your house! I would love for you to do a home tour--even if you're not done! Have fun this weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. All your lake pictures are so cute- it looks like the perfect spot to relax! And you're house is so beautiful- each of your sneaks are gorgeous! Have a great & relaxing weekend mama!

  3. I'm with you: it feels like summer was JUST beginning! Yay for having all those house projects checked off the list! Nesting is SO real (and for husbands, too)! :) Happy Weekend!

  4. Your kitchen is SO beautiful! I remember how fun it was getting packages in the mail before baby!

  5. Your home is absolutely gorgeous - and your kitchen, LOVE! Hope you have the best shower this weekend!

  6. This summer has flown by! Hope you have a wonderful baby shower! I second the requests for a home tour :)

  7. Ahh!! Your baby shower is this weekend!? Have so much fun! I can't wait to see pictures! Your new window treatments look beautiful and I'm sure it's so nice to finally have them