Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pregnancy: Weeks 25-28

Eeek! I can't believe we're into the third trimester already - two down, one to go and before we know it our little boy will be here.  At first I was unsure about being pregnant over the summer (the heat, no wine on the deck, etc.) but with the summer busy time seems to really be flying by.

top (l-r) 25 weeks, 26 weeks
bottom (l-r) 27 weeks, 28 weeks

Baby's Size:
Coffee Cake (25 weeks)
Peach Cobbler (26 weeks)
Banana Split (27 weeks)
Souffle (28 weeks)

It's a boy!

Best Moments/What We've Been Up To:
25 weeks: We celebrated Fourth of July - it's so exciting that all these holidays next year we'll have a little one celebrating with us.  We also took advantage of the Fourth of July sales and my mom kindly treated us to the nursery furniture - we picked up the bedding and a few other things too.  

26 Weeks: Derek's starting to be able to feel the kicks now and then - the first one was on the flight out to LA a couple weeks ago, baby must like to travel too! The invitations for my baby shower were  sent out  this week - I can't believe it's already time for that.  I passed my glucose test! I was getting so ancy about it I actually called and moved it up a week and was so thrilled to have the results back. This was my last monthly appointment - getting moved up to the every other week appointments after a three week one to bridge the gap but baby was measuring right on track!

27 weeks: Another busy week! Another big thing was we booked our babymoon - we weren't sure where we were going to go and time was creeping up but we decided to not let "being busy" stop us and squeeze in one more quick trip just the two of us.  My best friend also asked me to be the matron of honor in her wedding next year (crazy to think the baby will be almost one year old then!) so we made a trip out of town to visit them - our trips of visiting people are about to taper off for a bit so it was fun to do it while we could.

28 weeks: We had a long weekend getaway to the lake and it was great to do nothing and relax!  I can't wait for all our weekends next summer up there with the new baby.

This one is new to the recaps but the baby has been kicking away for a few weeks - still nothing crazy and not all the time but I can for sure feel it and Derek's been able to feel a few times too - we always laugh because whenever I call Derek over to feel, he'll stop kicking, ha! He felt for the first time on our plane ride to CA so I guess the babe will like traveling just like us.

Maternity Clothes:

Mostly dresses - some maternity, some a size up, some regular and flowy.

Definitely missing my regular shorts/pants outfits.  It's been tough passing on a glass of wine at girls nights or by the pool and champagne at a recent bridesmaid's brunch but it's just a phase - I'll be enjoying a nice glass soon enough with my sweet baby here too.

Still the same - hating steak, loving donuts.  We had another run to Shake Shack complete with a milkshake and it was so delicious! If I have a regular size lunch as opposed to just something small then I'm filled up for the whole day.  We've had to stop doing a big grocery stock up each week and play it by ear more - a few too many times whatever we picked up for dinner, I decided I'd really like something else.  With doing a lot of house/baby errands we have a date night to go along with that about once or twice a week and the weekends we're usually busy and eating meals on the fly.

I had been talking about avocado toast with a girlfriend and had to run home and have guacamole after thinking about it.

Feeling... Symptoms/Sleep:
Sleep is going well... fingers crossed - I never ordered the big body pillow because I usually flip side to side to stay comfortable but I've gotten a few smaller pillows to try and have slowly gotten down the side sleeping thing.  When I go up to bed I prop myself up with about three pillows which is comfortable for a while to read/watch tv until I go to sleep.  I never got the huge pregnancy pillow since I switch around a lot to get comfortable but I did get one smaller pillow that I use - sometimes.

Feeling pretty good! Still enjoying extra energy - with an occasional afternoon nap.  Around 25 weeks some increased pelvic pain and of course lower back pain but I've noticed icing at night helps relieve it and I wake up feeling much better too - by 27 weeks it was back to the usual slight pain and nothing crazy.  Same pains were back around 28 weeks but again, died down in about  a week.  A few nights my feet are just so sore from the walking (but no swelling - yet!) so I ask Derek for a quick foot rub.  For the most part very happy and enjoying this second trimester energy and excitement - a couple tears for little things and I can be a little sensitive to just about anything, ha!

For 26 weeks, I found the glucose test day to be a little disgusting - I actually had no problem getting down the drink in my five minute allotment but about halfway into the hour my stomach was feeling a little iffy.  I woke up that morning to my usual routine, walk Stella, water and I had some eggs then got it over with in the morning.

Walks are most preferred! I've made a few trips to the gym but would much rather just enjoy a slow walk - I usually take Stella for a lengthy walk in the morning then we all take a little walk after dinner.  When at the pool or lake I try to swim around a little bit.  The exercise has definitely left me feeling better in general - it helps with weight gain and also gives me boosts of energy.

Dad to Be:
Derek's been great - he made it to all the doctor's appointments I've asked - usually if it's just a routine one I'll go alone but he did wait out the hour glucose test with me.  He jokingly gives me a hard time about all the errands and to do's we have to get done but goes along with it.

'Tis the time to get things done and purchased! I'm holding off on any of the registry like items until after my shower but we have an ongoing list of things we need to get ourselves and with under three months to go are slowly starting to work at it.

We took advantage of a Pottery Barn Kids sale and ordered the nursery furniture, bedding and a few things.  I also got a registry coupon for Target (I think you get a few throughout?!) and ordered this high chair I'd been eyeing that was really on sale - it's miniature size, so small, so we returned it.

Per a sale at Target we picked up our first, of very many, boxes of diapers!

Packages are always rolling in here and there - this shelf and this little rocking chair for the playroom came in a couple weeks ago and we just pickup little things as we think of them like baby hangers, etc.

Our whole house is very neutral so since the main playroom is right on the first floor I wanted to keep that neutral too - I threw in a tan rug, white shelving came, etc.  I also wanted to try to pick neutral things in case there is a baby girl later on.  I love this giraffe which is one of the only things in there right now - plus a couple of my brother's stuffed animals from when we were little (lion/cheetah - neutral of course!)

We picked up this stroller to have as an extra during the Nordstrom sale - we figure with all our travel and such it couldn't hurt to have two.

Excited For:
A weekend at home! We've been on the go non stop and I can't wait to have a relaxing/"nothing" weekend to enjoy (25 weeks).

Stroller shopping - we're heading out with my mom sometime this week to order our stroller and will probably go ahead and get the car seat/bases while we're at it (26 weeks).

Organizing the nursery! We have a company coming to look at the closet this week to put in a couple extra shelves and I can't wait to organize through the clothes and such that we already have.  Hopefully some of the furniture will be in soon so I can get going on some pre-organizing (27 weeks).

Everything! With the bump becoming more and more noticeable and baby things arriving all the time it's getting more real/exciting.  I'm working on some nursery/playroom decor this week - just keeping it simple - so that's a lot of fun.  We're doing an extended long weekend at the lake this weekend with lots of family and friends so I'm looking forward to time in the sun and seeing everyone (28 weeks).


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