Friday, July 28, 2017

Bump Talk: Thoughts, Tips & Things

Back at 26 weeks and loving maxi dresses.

In the spirit of a "Friday's Five" type post - I'm sharing five of my pregnancy thoughts, tips and things I've enjoyed so far...

Most people say the summer is a tough time to be pregnant with the heat and all.  While I'm not 9 months pregnant or anything yet, I will be pregnant for all of the summer months and I can't say I mind it.  A recent heatwave was certainly rough - I stayed in the AC most days but other than that it's so easy to be able to wear dresses, having nice temperatures to walk is the best and this season is so busy that the time really does fly by.

As I was adjusting to being without my wine I bought a few bottles of the Fre Wine and things like that near the start of my pregnancy - they were fun to try but now if I taste one just not so good.  I'd much rather have a La Croix in a wine glass or a nice cold soda.

Pregnancy brain is real - I'm usually very organized and great with remembering things - these days it's easy to be forgetful and I don't feel as on top of things as I did before.

Some days you just can't get everything done, things don't go as planned, there are frustrations and I just "quit."  I know chances are I'll wake up in the morning feeling far better than I do that afternoon or evening and just give things another go then.

While I haven't had too many pregnancy mood swings and tears, I'm already a sensitive person to begin with so one little thing can make me so upset for a short period.  I saw a kid fall off a bike and his friends make fun of him - I was devastated for an hour!

Five little things have been key for me to enjoy a smooth pregnancy.  Water, walk, massages, icing, relax.

I wasn't a huge water drinker before but now that I've gotten into the habit, it's the best thing you can do (minus all the added bathroom trips).  I use a "my water" app to track each day on my phone and set the goal a little higher than I need.

I try to start/finish each day with a walk.  If it's only once a day then I do a longer walk since it's my main form of exercise right now.  In addition to burning calories it gives me a boost of energy for the day or a second wind in the evenings.  All in all on the days I walk I tend to feel a lot better in general.  

Pregnancy brings a lot of soreness - for me it's my lower back and sometimes feet/lower legs.  Usually I make it through a day just fine, sometimes just in the evening feeling a little bit sore.  Added stress can definitely bring on more soreness for me so I try to just to stay peaceful and away from negativity. Getting regular massages has helped tremendously! I try to go once or twice a month and on off weeks get a pedicure so there's something to look forward to but also that nice little massage to enjoy!

If it's a day my back is feeling really sore (not too many yet!) I just throw an ice pack on at night and I notice myself waking up feeling so much better.  A lot of people also like heating pads too but it is summer, after all.

& Things:
Lumbar Pillow - I would be lost without this little pillow.  Derek and I each got them after seeing my dad use one in his car.  I put it behind me while sitting at my desk, in my car, sometimes now even on the couch.  It's not at all a maternity item but for sure my favorite one.

"Comfy" Shorts - These little shorts are so comfortable.  I wear them all the time around the house with a t-shirt and it's my favorite outfit. (they also have black, in stores, but I can't find them online - at the low price I have both)

La Croix - I joke that it's such a treat to me now because I never had any interest in it before.  I save these drinks for evenings - happy hours or while others are drinking - in some nice stemware of course or weekend afternoons - poolside or on the dock.  Our garage looks like a grocery aisle with all the flavors.

Maxi Dresses - Okay, I love all dresses but I have really enjoyed maxi dresses the most.  I maybe have one that's maternity and the rest are just my normal size and can show off the bump enough but not too much.  The one linked is my favorite one to date and currently 40% off.

Pregnancy Pillow - I kept saying once we moved I'd get one of those huge body pillow things but then I just started using a small pillow from one of our guest rooms either behind my back on my side or hugging it so after that (and since I flip around a lot) I decided to go with just a cheapy small pillow and ordered the one linked.  I don't even use it every night but I do use it along with pillows when I prop on on my back reading in bed and such before going to sleep.

Have a good weekend! xx


  1. Good to hear the summer heat isn't making pregnancy too uncomfortable and I totally believe in pregnancy brain! lol Not that I've experienced it but I've definitely seen pregnant friends forget little can be quite funny! Have a great weekend! xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  2. You are glowing!! I love La Croix also, and love to add fresh limes and lemons, so refreshing!!

  3. I love stockpiling all these tips and tricks for future use ;) it is so interesting to hear everyone's unique experience & what worked for them. Have an awesome weekend!

  4. You're doing great! I loved my pregnancy pillow, too. And yes to the water! I chugged that like crazy with Knox...and especially after they were both born, oh my gosh, that post-baby thirst is like none other! ;)

  5. I love all these tips & things. Definitely going to file them away in the back of my mind for future use!

  6. This is totally random and lame, lol but what kind of plant is that in the first pic?
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  7. I feel the same way about being pregnant in the summer, it really hasn't been too bad so far! I definitely get way more comfortable in some flowy dresses, although the heat does make me miss wine!

  8. I'm obsessed with LaCroix! Grapefruit and Coconut are my favorite flavors!

  9. LA Croix is so good all the time! You and your bump are too cute!

  10. You look lovely - glad you are doing well. I didn't like the Fre wine either but I did LaCroix with fresh fruit in a wine glass for a little fun mocktail sometimes. The end will fly by and baby will be here before you know it!

    Elizabeth | The Lovely Latte

  11. You look just gorgeous! La Croix was (and remains) my go-to. When I was pregnant, I'd add fresh fruit and a squeeze of lime for a special treat. Have a great weekend!

  12. Girl I did the same thing in the beginning! I bought all the fre wine and now just looking at it makes me sick! Loving a cold grapefruit la croix in a wine glass too! You're a few months ahead of me.. can't wait to hear more of your tips and experiences :)

  13. I think the whole being pregnant in the summer thing has a lot to do with where you live too. I just got back from our babymoon in Maine, and the weather was absolutely amazing. Here in Texas, it's 103, and though wearing dresses makes it easy, I can't go on more than a 5-10 minute walk without feeling bad.

  14. I lived off of mocktails, especially since it was the holidays and everyone was drinking!! And yes so many walks!

  15. Yes to the walking!! That and prenatal yoga once a week was all I did, and it was enough to prep me for a 17 hour unmedicated labor and delivery 👌🏻

  16. I'm glad that things are going so smoothly!! I love that you have such a positive attitude about everything!

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