Friday, April 22, 2016

Loving this Week...

Time to welcome in another weekend and I sure am ready!  This week was a busy one & it felt like it lasted forever; we're looking forward to a nice weekend ahead...

{One} Loving This Week...
In addition to my favorite items below, Tory Burch kicked off the Spring Event with up to 30% off with code: BLOOM (spend $250, get 20% off, spend $500, get 25% off, spend $750, get 30% off). This is a great time to stock up on my favorite sandals, grab some flip flop patterns for the pool or pickup a new spring purse (my favorite two here & here)
Floral Robe
Now that it's warmer out this is perfect to go over a sleep dress.  Comfortable and a cute pattern works for me.

Mom Garland
Mother's Day is two weekends away and this is the perfect touch to any celebration or gift.

Pineapple Flip Flop
Kate Spade and pineapple - sold.  I don't think I'd wear this for anything other than a pool shoe but it would be the perfect option.

Lush Tunics (because they are 33% off!)
Fall, spring, even some of winter - these lush tunics are the best and on sale is even better.

Blush Satchel
The perfect purse color for spring.

Pineapple/Tassel Scarf
Tassels mixed with pineapples - two of my favorite trends.  Love the color scheme also.

{Two} Target Finds
I ran into target for a few cards, travel items and household things and like everyone/always left with a few unneeded items & fell in love with some more (I'm obsessed with the Design Love Fest items and plan to finally use some of them this weekend)...

{Three} Lilly Pulitzer: Palm Beach, Tropical Glamour and the Birth of a Fashion Legend
My love for Lilly Pulitzer (the lady and the brand) is no secret.  I just recently got this book to read on an upcoming trip (here) and cannot wait to dig into it.

{Four} Live Kelly & Michael
This is hands down one of my favorite shows.  I love watching GMA during a workout/getting ready but I try my best to catch the "coffee talk" segment of Live before heading out the door to the office.  (I usually DVR each day in case I miss it or want to see the guests that are on after I leave) so I was definitely hooked into the drama amongst the show this week.  I love Kelly, I love Michael, I see both of their sides BUT I hope they make up AND I hope there's a great new co-host and the show keeps going strong (I also will keep watching Michael with my favorites at GMA - I'm also 100% Team Zee on DWTS).

{Five} Posts This Week
I was most definitely enjoying a blog break (will be a trend) this week but managed to get a couple posts out.  We had the best time last weekend at Penn State's Blue/White game and I also shared about my favorite coffee table books.

We've got some plans to see a few friends this weekend and the weather is suppose to be ideal spring weather so let's get this weekend started.

Happy weekend! Cheers! xx

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  1. Those pineapple flip flops are the cutest! Loving all those Target finds too, so cute and perfect for spring/summer! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I couldn't believe the drama with LIVE this week...but I think it's a great time to test out new co-hosts or have her husband as the co-host that would be awesome!! Have a great weekend! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I am so sad about Live. I see both of their sides and really hope they can finish out the time Michael has left. He is great on GMA. I'm sure they will find someone else for Live who will be great too. You found some great things at Target. Man that store just gets it.

  4. That purse is gorgeous! I love the color and the style. I was bummed to hear about about Live - I know it will all work out, though! Happy Friday - enjoy your weekend!

  5. I was sad to see Kelly and Michael are splitting up....I don't watch the show since I'm always at work by that time, but when I've seen it, it's been great. My MIL watches it and loves them. What a bummer :(

  6. Oh YES to those Lush tunics! They're my absolute favorite. And OMG, Target…I can never leave there without SOMETHING adorable!

  7. Gosh I love Michael so much! GMA is my very favorite. Sadly I never get the watch it anymore because I leave for work before it starts. Can't wait to see who his replacement is. Happy weekend friend!

  8. OMG those ice cream towels are adorable! Might just need to make a Target run soon :)

  9. I'm going to have to run to Target to find those pineapple placemats! I love all things pineapple because of what it symbolizes!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  10. Love all of your Target finds! I want that bright pink Lush tunic but it is sold out in XS! :-( I have no idea what the story is with Kelly & Michael but if she is really upset about what happened I hope that they make up. She is funny and sweet. It also made me sad that people were saying such mean things about her online. Anyway!! I hope that you have a good day today and a fab weekend! :-)

  11. OOoh, so much cuteness in here. Those pineapple flip flops are ADORABLE!!!! I don't know if I'd wear them "out" either, but on vacation by the pool would be so fun. Loving the Target stuff too - so cute!

  12. I love those Lush tunics, I think I have like 6 at this point! They're perfect for the office or the weekend! I love Kelly & Michael! If they didn't tell her until right before the announcement then I feel so sorry for her! She must feel like the rug has been pulled out from her twice now and that's a terrible feeling.

  13. Love that floral robe! It's so pretty!

  14. I love all of that Good Vibes stuff! I just got a graphic tee at Walmart of all places yesterday that says, "good vibes only." It's soooo cute and it was only $5!

  15. Love love that blush satchel!! I was so surprised about Michael leaving the is definitely one of my favorites in the morning! Have a great weekend! xo
    Belle in the City

  16. i need all of your target finds. so cute. and oh my gosh, those pineapple flip flops are too cute! i love those lush tunics, and that pink is such a fun colour. have a good weekend!

  17. Hey new follower here :)
    Loving those fantastic Target finds! So cute.


  18. Loving all your Target finds and all the pineapples in this post!! Have a great weekend!

  19. I'm trying to figure out what I want to get from the Tory Burch sale because everything is so cute! There's so many pineapples everywhere, and I love it! I hope you have a great weekend with friends!

  20. So many cute things in this post..where do I start? I love when TB has a good sale so I will have to browse even though i'm on a shopping freeze. The good vibes party plates and napkins are super cute for entertaining!

  21. Those Target finds are adorable!! It's crazy to hear what's been going on with Kelly and Michael! Hope y'all have a great weekend :)

  22. Gimme all the pineapples! So many fabulous finds, and man it's going to be hard to avoid that TB sale. Enjoy every second the beautiful weekend gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  23. I need to know what the drama between Michael and Kelly! I'm totally behind the 8 ball on this. What is going on???


  24. That stuff at target is so cute! I had no idea that those Lush tunics came in pink, so I'll be adding to my collection. And, yes to Team Zee on DWTS! I hope you had a great weekend!

  25. Um, yes, SO awkward with Live... what's going to happen when Kelly comes back? Eeek!