Monday, January 4, 2021

This & That: Christmas Prep

Happy 2021! Picking things up that I didn't get to before the year ended.  I had plans to wrap early in December but didn't get around to it until Christmas week - luckily the wrapping table was cleaned up before the 23rd.

The boys watering the tree - I miss it already - we still have our fake ones up which is nice to enjoy a little bit longer.

We were a little late making our "Christmas Cheer" this year but better late than never.  We also got in one more Christmas lights night the Monday before Christmas. 

Finished up all the little daily things of moving the candy cane day to day and opening Tatum (and Stella's) advent calendars each morning.

I had hoped to bake a little each day of Christmas week but it all came down to the 23rd and one final batch on Christmas Eve too. 

Bernard made his final visits and we all miss him already - it was a fun task this year with so many things cancelled and Tatum loved finding him each day.

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