Friday, January 29, 2021

Snapshots from Teddy's First Week

Yesterday marks two weeks since Teddy was born - it's hard to think of life without him.  The days really seem to be flying by - if I'm not focused on Teddy then I'm trying to pay extra attention to Tatum or Stella, keep the house clean, nap and whatever little time is left get things done on the to do list.  Blowing off to do's and sitting down to cuddle is my favorite though.

Our first morning home - we had to hurry out the door for an early pediatrician appointment for Teddy due to MLK Day we had to go over the weekend but we made it and donuts after was the reward... then naps on the couch!

Tatum continues to be completely smitten and obsessed with "Baby Brother Teddy" - he likes Teddy to help put him to bed, occasionally for Teddy to ride to pickup at school, gives many kisses and always wants to see "what's baby doing."

After his fun sleepover at Lovie and Poppy's when we were at the hospital, he spent all week whining and begging to go back so last Friday he got a special treat and was off to his sleepover and it was a quiet night home and takeout for the rest of us.

Teddy's first bath was a family affair - Tatum wanted to be right up in the center of things helping and all went smoothly.

Birthday cupcakes - ever since Tatum's birthday back in October he's been asking when we will celebrate baby brother's birthday so I grabbed a zero candle and some cupcakes for a treat after dinner so Tatum could blow out the candle.


  1. Oh my goodness, you captured some of the most precious moments! I am loving all of the baby goodness!! And that zero candle made me laugh so hard. I've never really thought about the fact that a baby is zero when they're born. Lol.

  2. I love all of these pictures!! You are doing an amazing job settling into life with two! I think the little suitcase he takes for sleepovers is adorable, I need to get one for our two year old!