Friday, January 15, 2021

Third Trimester


It's hard to believe this pregnancy is coming to an end and our little boy will be here any day now.  I got pregnant right at the end of the first shut down and here we are just coming out of our second shut down in PA - it's crazy that this is all still going on!  

The third trimester has been pretty low key and uneventful.  Fall was super busy as was the holiday season so the days flew by - adding in preschool shutting down and not missing many social events due to the pandemic and I can't complain.  

I had a final ultrasound around 32 weeks where he was measuring about a week ahead, the baby's heartbeat continuously checks in around 135-145 and other than a little bit of high blood pressure at one appointment everything has been smooth sailing.

Not much swelling (towards the end with Tatum I had a hard time fitting my shoes on) but that could also be helped by the colder winter months!  Parts of the holidays were exhausting so lots of naps and lots of going to bed early now and getting good nights of sleep.

Nesting is in full force - I finally finished the nursery shortly before Christmas and that was a huge check mark off the to do list.  I've been doing all sorts of little projects, house work and keeping the house clean and ready. The hospital packs were packed over Christmas break, newborn/0-3 month clothes are washed and hung up, diapers have been stocked up and most recently bottles washed and put away - we are ready but also enjoying our final days as a family of three... and final days to get any little tasks I can done!

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