Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Low Key Weekend Scenes

Unsure whether or not this was our last weekend as a family of three, we made sure to get in a lot of family time and relaxing time including movie night on the couch, a quiet night in and lots of playing.

Derek took over on Friday morning giving me time to have a nice morning out running errands - Target, Home Goods, etc. and continuing projects/organizing right up until baby brother arrives. Finishing up things for good in the nursery was completed too - we're ready!

Saturday morning donuts for Tatum and to deliver to his friends - He had a gift card from Christmas and loves taking it himself, swiping it and helping Daddy.  Playing with friends, visits with family - it was nice to have these slow paced days and time to enjoy.

The final bits of Christmas finally came down with a few winter decorations going up.  I decided to leave one of our fake trees up to convert into a Valentine's tree - so far I left any ornaments that could be for both holidays and will get to adding the Valentine's touches this week.

Lots of extra attention and walks for my Stella too...

It seems that I was terrible at documenting this pregnancy and taking bump pictures until my final days - there was also plenty of time spent getting baby items like the swing and rocker out of the basement and putting some new ones together.

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