Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Happy October

I can't believe we're already into October - we have so many things going on this month - it really is becoming my favorite month of the year!  Holidays and seasonal activities continue getting more and more fun with Tatum as he gets older.  Last year I had a little "October 1st" treat with a couple little things to enjoy for the season so I did that again yesterday - a plate, pajamas, a couple books and Target dollar spot window clings.

We recently went to a little market with my mom  - last year he just posed for pictures really - this year he was very serious about picking his pumpkins, carrying them, putting them up at the check out counter, etc.  When my mom watched Tatum for the morning after that, he kept wanting to play with them!

I've been wanting to do crafts with Tatum since he was born and we're not great at them but he can kind of participate now.  I picked up a few inexpensive items to work on throughout the season.

Decorating for fall is something I do early - usually right around the start of September but I can never bring myself around to pulling out the Halloween stuff until October 1st - Next up is finally getting around to working on our porch!


  1. Tatum looking at his October 1st goodies on his tippy toes is the cutest thing!

  2. You always have the cutest decorations!

  3. I love those pumpkin pajamas!! How fun you went to a pumpkin patch, too! It's still sooo hot here in SC. Ready for some cooler, Fall weather!