Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Weekend Scenes

With Penn State weekends, Disney, Tatum's birthday and some other things - we haven't had any time in October to do Halloween things so we packed in anything we could this weekend!

Friday night our country club had a Halloween event for the kids and they went all out - the whole place was decorated, there was a huge food buffet, games, dessert decorating, a bonfire and more. There was a DJ for the kids to dance and we could barely get Tatum off the dance floor, he loved it... and the games!

Our first Saturday morning at home in a while felt good!  We got some things like laundry and tidying up done then all took a family walk.  I wanted to try some slice and bake cookies with Tatum to see if he liked baking with me and he really enjoyed it - we also had sprinkles all over the place!

There was a local Halloween parade so we went to lunch and then watched the parade.  Tatum was very into it and loved chasing after the candy to put into his bag.

He's being something different for Halloween but this $11 skeleton costume from Amazon did the trick for the weekend events.

In the midst of the Halloween fun, we couldn't forget about the Penn State game!  They played at 3:30 on Saturday and we settled into the family room to all watch.  Derek's parents got there at half time to visit and watch Tatum for the night so we had some potato soup and appetizers then finished watching a great win for us - 28 to 8 over Michigan State.

That night we had a Halloween party which was lots of fun.  Derek and I went at Zach and Kelly from Saved by the Bell.  It was such an easy/comfortable costume and we had a great adults night out.

Yesterday it was absolutely pouring!  Derek was supposed to golf but that got cancelled so other than a trip to the grocery store for me, we had a quiet day at home!

I'd been saving some Halloween masks and stickers to put on pumpkins to do sometime during Halloween week and I'm so glad I did - it helped pass the time since we couldn't go outside.  The rest of the day was a mix of lazy, getting some things done around the house and then delicious chicken enchiladas for dinner.

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