Thursday, October 24, 2019

Disney World Day Two: Epcot

We woke up on Tuesday refreshed and ready to go.  This morning we had an 8:30 O'Hana character breakfast over at the Polynesian with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and Stich.  The family style food was great and Tatum loved the kids parade around the restaurant.  He did good with Mickey and Lilo but wanted no part of seeing Pluto alone.

We'd planned to take the monorail over to Epcot but it broke down so we ended up walking about 8 minutes over to the transportation center to grab one from there.  Our first fast pass we missed for a few minutes and it was for Spaceship Earth - had it have been for one of Tatum's rides, I'd have begged to get on but instead I switched it to Journey into Imagination with Figment between our other rides.  We got there just in time to do our Seas with Nemo and Friends fast pass - Tatum loved this one.  He also loved the aquarium after we got off.

Next up was Figment and then we walked through the countries since we had a little bit of time before our lunch reservation.  This was good for Tatum because he fell asleep - it was getting HOT though so we probably should have done something inside.  Derek and I each enjoyed a cocktail though.

Next up was our character breakfast at the Harvest Grill for Chip & Dales lunch also with Mickey and Pluto.  We loved having reservations for meals to insure we got in somewhere and got a little break.  For Tatum's age it was a great way for meeting the characters instead of waiting in lines to meet them since his interactions were quick.  Having an autograph book to hand over helped him to be a little bit more brave.

Our last fast pass was for Frozen Ever After right after lunch.  It was a cute ride and one of Tatum's favorite movies so he enjoyed it - there is a drop with a splash so I was a little nervous how he'd do with that but he was fine.  We did end up missing Turtle Talk and Spaceship Earth - two I was hoping to do but really enjoyed our time (We'd have loved to do 'Soarin too but opted for the fast pass to Frozen which was more Tatum since the fast passes at Epcot are on a level basis).

After I was able to pickup a fast pass for a few minutes later for the rest of the family to do Spaceship Earth... At this point we were ready for a break and took Tatum back to the hotel - the monorail to/from Epcot is a little confusing and we got on one going to Magic Kingdom instead of Transportation Center to connect back to hotel - thankfully the ferry was pulling up and we got right on and right to the hotel.  We did the pool with Tatum and the others did the bar at the hotel for a break - the courtyard pool was a perfect size for him - a lot of the way across was 2 feet so he could run and splash as well as play in the fountains or float.

Later when we were about to head upstairs to shower and get ready a rain shower rolled in and luckily was over by the time for dinner.  After his short nap in the park, Tatum wanted no part of another nap but did have some quiet time and hung in really well that night.

Tonight was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip - dinner at Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary.  We headed over early for a drink and then had a 7:45 dinner with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and Donald.  Derek had mentioned that it was Tatum's birthday in a few days and they gave him a cute card signed by all the characters.

The buffet had everything under the sun that you could want for dinner and we had a great table right in the middle to see all the characters.  Tatum (and all of us) loved when the music played and it was time to dance and wave your napkins. 

The monorail runs right through this hotel and every time it came we'd here Tatum scream up "Bye!" and do a big waved - he loved it!  The characters spent a good amount of time at each table for this meal and we took our time eating in the fun setting.

About 9:45 we jumped on the monorail back to the Grand Floridian.  Luckily Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party was going on tonight so it wasn't too crowded.  Had Tatum of been a little bit older we probably would have done that one night but since he's younger and it was our first time, we opted to skip and do "regular" Disney stuff.  

After we got him into his Mickey PJ's we ran back down for the 10:15 fireworks show from the Halloween Party - luckily they were later because of the event.  It was such a plus to be able to watch the fireworks right from the hotel and get Tatum up to bed seconds after they were over!

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