Friday, September 27, 2019

This & That

It's officially fall!  It's still feeling like summer here most days, but I love the cooler nights that we've been having.  However, I don't love that it's getting darker earlier.  I finally got around to decorating for fall last week and next week I'll pull out the couple of Halloween decorations that I have.

One day Tatum likes something, the next day he isn't interested then then next week he likes it again. I've been trying to just offer him multiple options (especially for breakfast - sometimes he's just not that hungry before we leave in the morning) and have been having fun with silicone ice cream trays/cupcake holders.

We've finished three weeks into Mother's Day Out and Tatum has finally adjusted so well!  The first two weeks he'd cry on and off for the first five minutes at drop off but now he walks right in and runs to the table to grab a toy to play with then comes out smiling.  He also comes home exhausted and hungry so I quickly throw lunch together then it's up to nap time!

Have a good weekend! xx


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  2. Loving your decor, and still swooning over that wallpaper! The evenings are getting a little cooler here too, but I'm also not a fan of it getting darker earlier. I wish we would do away with the daylight savings time changes for good <3

    Green Fashionista