Tuesday, October 22, 2019

White Out: Penn State vs. Michigan

White Out Weekend at Penn State was a great one.  We got into town early Friday in time for lunch and a little shopping then with a bunch of family in town we had pizza and apps at the house that night.  College Game Day was in town for the big day so midway through the broadcast we made our way downtown to see the show and the picks at the end.  Walking out we passed the lion who gave Tatum a high five!

It was perfect football weather on Saturday so we were down to tailgate early with a big group of family and lots of food.  Everything from buffalo dip, chicken nuggets, hoagies, potato soup, chips/dip, Mexican dip, cheese and crackers to the grill for hot dogs and a cookie cake was enjoyed. 

The White Out is the coolest setting and since it was such a big game, we got things cleaned up a little earlier than usual so everyone could get into the stadium near the start of the game... things were a little slow moving with so many people getting in!  We had the best time and beat Michigan 28-21 to advance to 7-0 and number 6 in the country!

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