Wednesday, February 6, 2019

This & That

Just before we left for Florida we took Tatum for his first haircut (15 months old) - it was more than time - his hair was getting so long in the back.  Luckily we still have some of his baby curls.

Now that Tatum is past his 3 weeks of being sick, we're really working on getting onto a better weekly/daily schedule with him, doing more activities and having more fun meals.  He lost a little weight with the stomach bug but has been eating really well lately!  He also has a nanny come one day a week for a few hours and goes to Lovie's one morning a week - those few hours on the two days really helps this mama out!

We still have lots of playtime at home each day too - favorite toys right now include his toy kitchen and all the play food, his ride on cars, rocking horse and carrying any bag in sight.

On Monday we celebrated my Mom's birthday at one of our favorite places... It was opera night and Tatum LOVED the singers - he sat with his mouth open watching quietly the whole time and would clap and loudly cheer at the end - it was so cute and we all loved watching him.

Afterwards we went back to my parents house for dessert and presents.  If anyone is looking for an easy nice craft for gifts - this handprint flower vase was so easy and cute.


  1. Oh my gosh the first hair cut - I would have definitely shed a few tears! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Your video on instagram of him cheering at opera night was too cute! Hope your mom had the best birthday!

  3. Oh my goodness his first haircut! How special! I love his curls!