Monday, July 30, 2018

Weekend Scenes from the Lake

Happy Monday! Another summer weekend has come and gone - we just did a quick overnight to the lake house this weekend because late last week the lower area flooded from all the central PA storms. We were surprised the water went down as quick as it did - enough to fix the dock on Saturday evening (just the ramp was under water by then) and a large amount overnight so we could use the dock on Sunday afternoon after doing a little more fixing.

Saturday afternoon with no dock so we took the kids for a walk to check out the other damage done up and down the street.

We are down on the dock and in the sun as much as possible always so it was very relaxing to just lounge in the house - thank goodness for Grandparents right?! Look how happy both "kids" are - I was hooked into Christmas in July on Hallmark chanel and browsing Pinterest - something I haven't had time to do in forever.

We kept it easy and got salads & pizza for dinner and then some other family members stopped over for cocktails.

Yesterday we did another walk, Mom made everyone breakfast and I did some reading on the porch.  The guys finished fixing our dock and my Uncle's dock too.

Finally we were ready to take in some sun! Tatum was napping so Mom stayed up at the house with him while the rest of us got an hour or two to relax down below.


  1. So glad the water went down quick and you were able to enjoy your time on the dock! Love that picture of the 'kids' with your parents...Tatum looks beyond relaxed!

  2. Lake life looks so relaxing! What a fun way to spend the weekend! All that fresh air too! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. lake life is my favorite! you guys have been getting SO much rain it's insane. and i'm glad it went down rather quickly and you got some sunshine after all. that first pic is so cute!