Friday, July 27, 2018

This & That

Our weekdays around here have been pretty boring - pool or playing, the normal daily routine, etc.  We've tried to do summer Friday lunches as a family if we can.

The sun's finally out this weekend but we had a week full of rain - leaving us craving fall slightly and being cozy most days.

Last week we met my family out for dinner - a patio, Mexican food and family makes for the perfect night.

We've been doing many family walks - Tatum loves to "hold" Stella's leash.

Attention for Tatum is never lacking at the office.

Parenting in the rain.  We went out to dinner with our friends while we were in New Jersey over the weekend and had to rush around in the downpours. 


  1. Glad the sun has come out for you guys! Although I wouldn't mind some rain / cozy days here!

  2. Love getting a peek into your daily life! Tatum is so adored by everyone and is such a cutie!