Monday, July 9, 2018

Pelican Hill

We spent a week out in California during the last week in June - we usually get at least one smaller trip out there in during the year but always look forward each year for our long summer trip.  The weather was wonderful for our entire stay - during our time at Pelican Hill it was low 70's and each morning started off cloudy then the sun would pop out later on.

Our flight took off about an hour late but by the time we landed we were just about 20 minutes behind, got our bags quickly and breezed through the rental car pickup then made the one hour drive down to Pelican Hill in Newport Beach.  We checked in right away and they had his pack n play as well as the diapers/formula we ordered all ready and dropped it right to our room with our bags.

We headed over to the coliseum pool for lunch and then let Tatum swim until about 5 until he fell asleep (regular bedtime at home) so we enjoyed relaxing and had a cocktail.

Since it was the first night and we were all tired we opted to cancel our dinner plans and do room service.  Derek put Tatum to bed giving me time for a nice long bath and then we had a great first night doing dinner in our robes outside on our patio - I had a delicious chopped salad and Derek went with one of the specials.

Tatum did great on our trips with getting to bed, napping and everything else - the only hard part was he'd wake up early or wake up a couple times overnight not knowing where he was.  The first night he was up at 4 so we let him cuddle in our bed for a bit and were all up by about 6:45 for the day - I do like staying somewhat on east coast time when we're out west anyway.

We did the breakfast buffet outside by the pool and the checked out the hotel shops and walked around a bit.  Derek took Tatum back to the room to nap while I enjoyed an hour at the spa - one of my best massages and so relaxing! 

The sun still wasn't quite out yet so we drove over to Laguna Beach for lunch overlooking the beach at The Cliff and drove around a little bit.

We settled in for a long afternoon at the pool - Tatum loved the cheap little float we brought him and kicked all over the pool.

He also loved crawling beside it and splashing with his little sand toys that we'd brought for him... Daddy is a great pool playmate! 

Like the day before and after playing so hard he did a great afternoon nap outside on a lounge chair and we relaxed with a cocktail, red, rested, etc.

The second half of our trip in Pelican Hill tomorrow... 


  1. So smart to order things ahead of time instead of lugging it with you! Glad you guys had great weather and enjoyed your time there! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. What a wonderful trip!! I love all the pictures. I had no idea you could get diapers and formula delivered - that's smart. Glad you got some Mama time in, much deserved!!

  3. What a beautiful and relaxing spot to spend a little vacay! I love your beach coverups and it sounds like Tatum has been getting lots of trips to the beach and pool this year! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  4. Another amazing trip! Love that you guys plan ahead and have things ordered for Tatum when you arrive, so much less to worry about packing and lugging through the airport <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. Your Cali trips always look so dreamy!!

  6. Tatum is such a water baby! I love how y'all always have so much fun at the pool!