Tuesday, June 12, 2018

This & That

In summer mode we've been trying to all sit down for a little happy hour once Derek finishes up work for the day - this night we were rained out to the living room.

We got all our flowers planted and started a little garden - peppers, watermelon, basil and tomatoes - we'll see how it turns out!

Tatum and I are probably out on the deck at least once a day to play - these two tables were the best addition and he loves playing with them so much.

Since he hasn't loved the spoon in learning to eat we're been working on starting with pouches and it's hit or miss by the day but going well for the most part... slowly but surely.

Our first weekend at the lake was pretty rainy so we decided to just do an overnight trip to get the house ready for the season and then just enjoy the rest of the weekend here at home - Tatum got lots of attention for his first visit!

We are always doing something these days! In between pool and deck sessions Tatum is really playing hard in the playroom.. He loves to be in just his diaper too!

We're working on his schedule and getting into a routine - for the most part he's a great napper - I love when he sticks his little but up into the air.


  1. I need to get V a sandbox table like that. So fun!

  2. Love the patio furniture on your deck! Where did you purchase it from? Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  3. I love that picture of him all sprawled out. It is the cutest when little ones sleep with their tush in the air. My nephew still does that sometimes and it just reminds you of when he was a little guy!

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