Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Summer Bucket List

Vacationing last summer in California

Family Fun:
Ice cream night, Visit animals on the farm & go strawberry picking, family walks, grilling out & deck nights, go to a concert in the park

This summer will be even more fun having Tatum here with us - I'm looking forward to some of these kid friendly activities and nights out as a family.

Go on a picnic, barbecuing, date nights al fresco, have a shrimp broil, take dinner to the pool

Isn't food just better in the summer?  We love barbecuing on the deck, eating outside anytime we can, trying to do at least one shrimp broil a summer.  This year with Tatum I'd love to also go on a picnic and take dinner to the pool a few nights.

Weekends at the lake, annual California trip, anniversary trip, weekends down the shore

We are heading into lake season and look forward to many weekends up there as well as a couple down the shore.   Our annual summer trip to California is fastly approaching and at the end of the summer we'll celebrate four years of marriage with a quick parents only trip.

Days with Tatum:
Go to the playground, playdates with friends, lots of pool days (and nights), playing on the deck with the sand box and water table, visit the zoo 

While he keeps me busy, summer days are fun with Tatum - there is so much more to do when we can be outside.  Currently playing with all his toys on the deck is a favorite but we're looking forward to all the activities in the next few months.

Around the House & Other:
Grow a garden, keep up with our flowers, watch a sunset, golf with Derek, go to a baseball game

Last year with the move and being pregnant we didn't really keep up with our flowers well or even try to grow a garden.  I'd love to check off some simple summer stuff too.


  1. Love how much travel you guys have planned! It seems that we have something every single weekend in June, but I wouldn't have it any other way! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  2. Everything is so much more fun with a baby! I know yalls lake weekends will be sooo much fun!

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  4. So many fun things! Isn't life just so much more fun when you have a sweet little babe to share it with? I'm excited to follow along with your adventures!

  5. So much fun this time of year! I keep saying we need to have an ice cream night too <3
    Green Fashionista