Friday, June 15, 2018

8 Month Favorites

Happy Weekend! We're looking forward to some time in the sun and celebrating Derek's first Father's Day! We'll also be celebrating that Tatum will be 8 months old tomorrow - time is flying by! 

He started crawling really early and this past month pulling himself up which he shouldn't quite be doing yet!  He is definitely behind with eating - he hates the spoon and has recently taken to eating pouches but it's usually a process! If anyone has solid food tips, please share!!

Most of his favorites this month are toys because he's always playing or trying to put something into his mouth... 

This is probably the most favorite toy at the moment - he's loved all month pulling himself up onto it and will stand forever and play with it.

He doesn't build or play with these as he should but he loves holding them, throwing them, etc.  I'll dump them on the floor and he'll go from one color to the next.

We have a few sets of these - one for the playroom, one for the diaper bag, one at the office - they are great because they're inexpensive and he loves banging them around.  Great for little hands to hold.

This is a newer one and he doesn't use it as a walker without our help but he enjoys playing with the buttons and pulling himself up on it.

Like I said above, he seems to be getting used to eating food this way and sometimes enjoying it so we're sticking with this for now and trying to work spoon feeding into the rotation a little bit too.

Around six months we switched him up to the 6-18 month pacifiers and he loves them more than ever.  If he can have one in his mouth and have another to play with then he's one happy boy.

This is a summer lifesaver!  We use it on the deck, have a second one for the lake, can pack it up for the pool, etc.  We can even pop it up in the kitchen if we want - it's so easy to pop up and break down.

Another seasonal one but this keeps him occupied when we're outside.  He pushes his toys around, dumps sand off and will grab the toys out to sit-down and play then get back up and do it all over again.


  1. Regarding food: have you tried baby led weaning? I've heard and seen nothing but great things.

    1. I highly recommend baby led weaning! It seems scary but I promise you just need to give small pieces that are soft. My son didn’t have teeth until 10 months and we started BLW at 6 months.

  2. He is most certainly behind with eating. Homework Services he detests the spoon and has as of late taken to eating pockets yet it's normally an interaction.

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