Monday, June 18, 2018

Tatum Beau: 8 Months

We don't go back to the doctor until 9 months but he seems to be growing right on the "average" tract for weight and a little under average for height.


The month started off still in 3-6 outfits - luckily we had a few warm weather outfits from traveling so we just used those on repeat.  We quickly tried out some of the 6-12 month outfits and while a little big they worked - my favorite are the soft cotton matching onesie and short sets from baby gap - so easy and comfortable. By the end of the month we were working in 6-9 month and fazing out the 3-6.

He's still in size three diapers and whatever the smallest size is for swim diapers - they're a little big but they work.

Up between 6:30 and 7:30.  Plays in kitchen. Usually first bottle around 8:30ish. Plays in walker and playroom.  Has breakfast in highchair. Morning nap starts around 9:45-10:45 and lasts and hour +. Mid morning bottle before nap then lunch around noon.  Plays, runs errands, etc.  Bottle around 2/3. Afternoon nap anywhere from starting at 2:30 to starting at 4:30 (sometimes cat nap in evening).  Late afternoon is either play, outside deck toys, pool, etc.  Dinner in highchair.  Evening bottles at about 5, 6:30 and then bedtime bottle anywhere from 7:45-8:45.  Some days bath, more so now that we're at the pool so much etc. 

More recently he's been really good about his nap schedule and usually goes down between 9:30/10 until about 11/11:30 and then from about 2:30/3 until 4/4:30 and sometimes longer too.  

This was really hard for us at first and discouraging so then we started the month off really trying to get the baby food thing down - doing a teaspoon of oatmeal cereal for breakfast and a small pack of fruits for dinner - it was dependent on the day but right after 7 months he started tolerating it enough to finish small meals.  After fruits we tried sweet potatoes and while messy he seemed to love those!

Since we had trouble learning to use the spoon we got a few pouches (easy mixtures at first - apple/sweet potato with cinnamon, apple with broccoli, banana, peach with pear and carrot) and things like that - he loved those!

Bottles are still 8 ounces every 3 or so hours with a "bottle snack" here and there.  Many times before a nap he'll want just an ounce or two too.

On occasion he'll wake up overnight but he's getting much better at it - especially if he's had plenty of bottles in the evening hours.  All the outside summer play has had him sleeping really well and a little longer than before.

He's officially done with his swing and does really well with crib naps - he falls asleep easily in the car or in his stroller as well.  We usually do a long morning and afternoon nap and depending on the day there's usually an evening cat nap and sometimes a fourth little one too.

Recently we've been dealing with a little bit of regression and waking up a couple times just in the past week.


He's really playing more now and can entertain himself for a bit - he's using his hands a lot more to actually play with the toys.  He loves doing anything outside and so do I - it tires him out so much.  He looks all over on our walks and seems to like being able to look out.


Playing with toys, pulling himself up onto things, standing at his music table, playing at the pool, going for walks, playing with his water and sand tables.  


Using the spoon to eat!

He celebrated his first Memorial Day and first afternoon at the pool - he didn't want to get out, crawled all over the splash pad and took a few dips into the deep end with mommy and daddy.

He had his first trip up to the lake and did great sleeping in his pack n play there. 

He pulls up onto anything he can - he's really getting that skill down and it's his favorite thing to do.

He really seems to notice more that Derek and I are Daddy and Mommy - he smiles whenever I come in from a walk, Derek gets home from work, etc.

He's started to notice steps and tries to climb up them - he's getting more and more successful at it! 


We've done a lot of walks before it gets too hot and also have an outdoor playpen so we've done a lot of playing on the deck too.  He got a little sand table and water table so we're just getting into using those too.  He loves playing with his toys on the deck.

He spends many days splashing in the splash pad at the pool.

Music class has ended for the summer - by the end he'd come such a long way and really did better with it - we will probably do that again in the fall and/or gym class.


  1. Why use a spoon to eat when your hands are so much more fun?! He's such a sweet baby!! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  2. oh that sweet face! he's so cute. and music class for babies is the best. but not spoons. i get it! haha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Oh my goodness how is little man 8 months already?! Hang in there with the feedings, I was so nervous that Serena would never want normal food and now girlfriend is a champ! As she got closer to a year she really got serious about it. And sizing up in clothes is always so bittersweet. Yay for 6-12 month outfits <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. He gets cuter every month!! Hang in there with the solids... he will get the hang of it!