Thursday, July 13, 2017

Beverly Hills

We took advantage of our breakfast credit and grabbed something to eat early on the patio at the Polo Lounge.

For the morning we spent some time over strolling Rodeo Drive and the neighboring streets - walking and shopping then a little beverage at The BLVD to refresh.  We each grabbed a little treat plus a diaper bag to use.

One of our favorite restaurants is just eating by the pool at the hotel at The Cabana Cafe.  There's so many things we love so we just split a few.

We cleaned ourselves up for one of our only non-hotel dinners the whole trip, ha! We'd definitely low-keyed it this time but didn't want to miss one of our usual's - Craig's.  Everything was delicious as usual and for the first time we split the dessert pizza - a must from now on.  About half way through we saw flashes and it was Kris Jenner coming in to eat just two tables away from us.

We passed by SUR which is right around the corner on the way home and saw Kristin outside and lots of cameras for filming - had I not have been pregnant I'd probably have asked to stop but that was little much for this preggo.  

Our last full day was full of not many plans.  We started the day off with a walk around the neighborhoods near the hotel - burning calories and house admiring.  

After a quick run out for a little spa time we spent the rest of the day enjoying the gorgeous weather.

After a little lunch it was another full pool day... 

We spent our final dinner on the rooftop at Catch - we'd only been there in the winter so it was fun to be able to sit outside and it's much more buzzing when it's warmer out.

We didn't have to be at the airport until later in the room so after a leisurely morning we did a little driving around looking at houses and stopped by the Greystone Mansion to finish off the day.  For a final LA moment we passed Khloe Kardashian on our way out of the hotel... 


  1. What a fabulous vacay! The resort looks amazing as does all the yummy food and beverages! I'm dying to visit Beverly Hills one day...I'm sure the shopping is amazing. So fun you picked up a cute diaper bag. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  2. You always have the best celebrity sightings when you're in California, jealous!

  3. How much fun! You saw all sorts of fun, famous people!!

  4. I'm always so jealous of how many celebrities y'all see during your LA trips! I also love that you have your restaurants that you have to visit as well. That dessert pizza sounds amazing!

  5. All of your getaways always look AMAZING!! When I see the road leading up to the Beverly Hills Hotel I think of the KUWTK episode where they're dressed under cover & run up that road to get away from the paparazzi! How neat to visit that area!!

  6. You are looking great, mama! What a fun trip. All of the pool views look amazing, and all of that food?! Yum!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  7. Gorgeous pictures! So many celeb sightings, how fun is that?!

  8. I love all your Kardashian sightings! Your trip just sounds so nice and relaxing - great way to spend summer days!

  9. This whole thing looks amazing! I'd love to visit Rodeo Drive someday!

  10. You are so radiant, Christina!! I'm always jealous of your hair and your skin, but you've kicked it up a notch!! Looks like a great few days in the city after the beach part of your trip!