Thursday, February 18, 2016


With some recent new faces popping around here, I thought I'd share a little Q&A so if you're new you can learn about the person behind the blog and if you're been reading here a while then maybe you'll just learn something new.  I meant to do something like this just after the holidays but then the lazies of winter set in but better late than never, right??

Makeup item?
Bronzer is my go to.  Some work days (and especially in the summer) I just throw on a little eye liner, bronzer and head out the door.  My favorite item though is lipstick - I feel like you don't look completely made up until the lips are done and most of the time I'm wearing YSL color 26 rose libertin and Sephora brand rouge shine color 18 just dating on top.

Cocktail of choice?
Pinot Grigo.  I love my wine and I'll switch it up with other whites but I'm not a red girl.  If I'm feeling adventurous I'll go for a martini.  One of our favorite date nights is running out to grab a drink before dinner or enjoying a drink at our home bar (I'll be sharing soon).

Vacation destination - repeat?
My favorite vacation was definitely our honeymoon in Bora Bora.  But my repeat destination is definitely California.  We love the area and have such fun there so we've been trying to make a point to go once a year - to our favorite places in Beverly Hills for part of the trip paired with a different place that we've never been before for the other part.

Vacation destination - wanderlust?
To be very honest, I'm much more of a domestic traveler international.  Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of places that I want to travel to overseas - London being at the top of the list but there are so many amazing resorts here that have me in this mindset for the time being.

The answer to this question really does change frequently - like  by the month - but right now the top of my big trip list is Hawaii.  And if we're being honest, I've already been but I really want to go back :)

Where did you go college?
I went to a huge school out west - the University of Arizona. No no, I'm just kidding but I ALMOST did.  Almost as in my mom mailed in my dorm room papers and deposit then when I got cold feet about going so far she had to undo it.

I had good intuition because where I actually went was Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island and I still got a little homesick there.  5-6 hours in the car  beats 5-6 hours in the air though.  I didn't have school on Fridays, the only year in the dorms every room had a private bathroom, I made the best of friends, was the president of my sorority my final semester and even met my husband (and four of my bridesmaids!)

How did you meet Derek?
We met in college.  I'll get into the specifics later (the date might be coming up) but his original plan wasn't for JWU either - he transferred in.  God is so good isn't He?? We talk all the time about where we'd be or what would have happened if we each went with our initial college plans.

What type of dog is Stella?
I get this question a lot and she's a F-1 mini goldendoodle.

How did she get her name?
We always knew after a wedding would bring a puppy for us and joked that we'd call her Stella after Derek's favorite beer - Stella Artois.  When we found a puppy to get (which happened pretty quickly) we didn't give it a second thought.

Room in the house?
My office or the kitchen - I love relaxing in my office chair watching TV but we have an open kitchen so I love being in there yet still being near the family room.  I also love when our kitchen is full of people :)

Off day routine?
If there's nothing going on in the office on a Friday then I won't need to go in.  My mornings usually start with the gym and/or Stella walk and grocery store then whatever errands need to be done.  Every so often mom and I will do a little shopping or I'll do what needs to be done around the house and every few weeks that's a deep clean.  I do love my home office so it's not rare to be home another day of the week too.

Can you cook?
Yes, but most definitely not gourmet, elegant meals.  We're talking simple casserole, crockpot, on the stove, few ingredient dishes.  But I have fun doing it, we like how it tastes and that works around here!

My favorite thing to serve up for guests is appetizers, if you couldn't tell from the endless list I share.

Flower type?
Roses.  Sweet, simple and classic.

Date nights, my favorite.
Traveling, of course.
Celebrating holidays, literally any of them.
Tailgating and cheering on Penn State football.
Walking Stella, my favorite form of exercise but if not that then some kind each day.
Hosting, especially my family and best friends, spending time with them too.
Taking photos, I love documenting all our memories.
Cooking and baking, but like I said only easy things.
Shopping, let's be honest - who doesn't love it?
At the moment… baths.  I'm addicted.
And probably a lot more that I just can't think of right now.

Happy TGIT!
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  1. I learned so much! Even following you a whole I learned something new. Course j could have answered some of the questions for you too! ;) Drew hadn't planned on going to Purdue but thank god he did!!

  2. What a fun getting to know you! I didn't know that's how Stella got her name, and I would have sworn you two went to Penn State if I hadn't read otherwise here! :)

  3. What a great post - I love learning more about my fellow bloggers! I need to post something similar soon!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  4. Loved learning more about you! I don't think I could have gone so far for school either - I was just 3 hours away driving and still got homesick! You made the perfect choice though - so much good has come from it! Love your home office, too. Such a pretty place to do work.

  5. Love this post and learning more about you! We absolutely LOVE California and I always say I'd live there if it weren't so darn expensive. If you ever have the chance to go to London, definitely do. I studied abroad there in college for a summer and it's seriously my favorite city in the world. I can't wait to go back one day with Brandon; for him to experience it and for me to see it again!

  6. Totally agree with you about pinot grigio… my go-to! Loved learning a little more about you! I'm dyyyying to go to Hawaii!

  7. loved learning more about you!!! and that's crazy how one big decision, like college, can change everything!! today is national wine day, so cheers!!!

  8. YAY! loved getting to know a little more about you! I totally agree with you on the lipstick front. Plus I feel like my pictures look so much better when I have a bit of color on my lips then when I don't! :)

  9. I always love posts like these! & Pinot Grigio is definitely my go to drink as well. Happy Thursday!

  10. I feel you on the ever-changing wanderlust. It's amazing that you flipped from Arizona to Johnson and Wales... two totally different experiences - but totally worked out for the best! I'm a believer in the idea that these things often do. ;)

  11. Replies
    1. I use a couple! You can find them all in a post from January (over on the sidebar) Make up part two.

  12. I love your home office. You have inspired me to work on mine this weekend!

  13. Great post! I loved learning a little more about you, since I'm one of your new faces! Have a Terrific Thursday!

  14. Girl, that office is GORGEOUS. I loved the comment in the post though "it was a good shopping day". My friend Maggie and I always joke about Home Goods and how a lot of the time it is very hit or miss. Being a new face around here and the blogging world in general, a Q&A is a cool idea. Would love to link up with you on it!

    xo, Jess @ Red White & Sass

  15. What a fun post idea, lady! I had no idea you almost went west, what a great college story about you and your husband!

  16. That is so funny that you almost went to the University of Arizona - so did I! We didn't get as far as sending dorm room papers in before I changed my mind though. I stayed local and I'm so glad I did. I missed my mama too much after moving at 25, I don't know what I would have done at 18! This was such a fun post idea.

  17. I love your home office, too! And I couldn't have moved far away from my mom either...I only moved about 2 hours away to go to Alabama. Definitely wouldn't change it if I could! It was nice to meet up halfway some nights for dinner!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  18. How crazy that you guys both originally picked different colleges! What a cool story! I look forward to hearing the rest of it! :)

    I love to travel internationally, but I love to travel domestically as well! There are so many cool places close by!

  19. We have bronzer and pinot grigio in common! lol Bora Bora has been the top of my destination you have a post about your honeymoon so I can see your recap? I also love the name Stella for your fur baby girl.

  20. This is a great idea! I love learning more about bloggers. I'm excited to hear more about how you and Derek met. I might have to steal this questionnaire. ;)

  21. Now I'm dreaming about Hawaii! And Bora Bora. And pinot grigio!! :)

  22. That is so nice you don't have to go into work if there's not much to do!! I love your office, it's so fun! That would be my favorite room too!

  23. LOVE this post! no one asks me questions or I'd do something similar :P We must get together for a glass of Pinot in Media soon!

  24. I love posts like this! Bora Bora sounds amazing, I want to go there, like now!

  25. Love the Q&A! Posts like this are so much fun! I'm definitely with you on California being a favorite. It seems like it's always our go-to for vacations!

    Xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  26. That is so funny that you named Stella after Derek's favorite beer! And it's also funny because I always wondered where you guys got that name from, and the only Stella I've ever known was Stella Artois, so it did actually cross my mind that it could be because of that!

  27. That's so funny that you and Derek almost didn't go to the college that y'all ended up meeting at! That's kind of what happened with my husband and I, we met in a class that neither one of us needed. And hooray for another non gourmet cook! Chris is definitely the top chef in our house, but I have fun cooking the easier meals we love!

  28. Love this post! It's so nice to learn a bit more about the blogger behind the site! I need to do a post like this soon!

  29. I need to try the Sephora lipstick. Yours look bright which wouldn't look good on me but it does on you! I want to go to Bora Bora for sure. I'm glad you went to the college you did...God is good :)

  30. I so loved reading this and getting to know you better! You and I seem to be a lot a like: I also love wine, hosting friends, cooking/baking and being at home :)

  31. I met my husband in college too! I almost went to a different school. So crazy how everything perfectly falls into place.

  32. My college was only 15 minutes from my house, I still stayed on campus...but I did go home almost every weekend. I met some of my very best friends in college too!

  33. I love doing just bronzer for work! Pinot grigio is one of my go to's also! ...And of course cheering on PSU football. Counting the days until Blue & White!!

  34. I love these types of posts! It's always so fun to learn more about a person. Your honeymoon trip to Bora Bora had me completely drooling and it's on my bucket list now thanks to you!-Home of Malones

  35. My sister went to Johnson and Wales but in Denver Colorado. That's pretty crazy. She did tour the one in Rhode Island though. I love Pinot Grigio. Especially in the summer. My go to is Zins.

  36. This is such a good idea! I need to do one of these bad boys, too. They're always fun to read! :)
    Bora Bora sounds AMAZING! I think I'm more like you... I prefer domestic travel rather than international.
    Bahahahha @ Stella's namesake!