Sunday, January 31, 2016

Month in Review: January

We of course kicked off the month celebrating the start of a new year, Cheers 2016.  It was a low key family gathering but a great way to celebrate.  A few date nights and plenty of bowl pool watching rounded out the first days of the month and the last days of Christmas break.  A getaway to State College for a hockey weekend was our first travel of the year and an enjoyable time.  Derek's parents visited early in the month to celebrate Christmas with us and we had both families over for a nice holiday party.  We also had some out of town friends visit as well.  The blizzard hit us hard but we enjoyed a weekend of being snowed in, eating all the snow food and a couple extra days off for me. We celebrated having Stella for one year and visited some friends in Hoboken for birthday celebrations to finish out the month.

At the start of the month when I looked ahead I had hoped to get our winter vacation trip planned and nail down ideas for other trips this year - which was completed, yay! Little things I was hoping for like more free time at night, making the bed regularly, hydrating and moisturizer were checked off too.  I had hoped to test out knitting but didn't quite get around to that.

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Looking Ahead…
February is a quick one but I'm looking forward to lots of little things this month - some visits with friends here and away, ditching the snow for beaches on a little getaway, celebrating Mom's birthday, enjoying our second married Valentine's day and of course the Super Bowl.

I'd love to test out some new recipes this month and continue trying to have most of the weeknights be open for relaxing.


  1. Awe, sounds like a fun month! A warm get away sounds perfect right now.

  2. i love seeing all the snaps together that highlight the month - are we not both so glad that january is over right!? :) cheers to february!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Looks like you guys had a wonderful month!! I love that picture of Stella on the couch with your hubby.. hehe. Cheers to a fab February!! :-)

  4. January was busy and fun! Where are you guys headed this month?! I wish we could have a warm vacay every month ;)

  5. Y'all fit in a lot during January! Beach trips are always good to look forward to, especially when it's cold!

  6. It always seems like y'all do so much every month and have the best time! I loved reading about your getaway to State College, and your get together with friends this past weekend sounded like such a blast!

  7. Well, for January, y'all had a fun month! You made my least favorite month of the year look like a bunch of fun! :)