Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale - Tomorrow! {Tips & Details}

Sunday posts are rare around here but with a Lilly Sale, it's hard to refuse.  I'm re-sharing my exact post from last year (well, with a few updates) before the January sale with tips and tricks on how to succeed with all your wanted items.


Tomorrow kicks off Lilly Pulitzer's After Party Sale and you won't want to miss out.  I kind of miss the days when Lilly wasn't as popular because now-a-days these sales are crazier than crazy and sometimes not worth it to me.  (I mean, I'll obviously still log on to check it out)

Lilly only has two sales a year - one in January and one in August and unlike in past years the sale will only be lasting one day.  It starts at 8:00am so log on as soon as you can!  The sale is also available in stores at corporate locations - this isn't always the case but I've already convinced Derek that a dinner date is in order right next to the mall so I can run in! 

A few helpful tips for your sale shopping needs… 

Create an account: If you don't already have one, create a Lilly Pulitzer account.  It takes just minutes to do but it can save you precious time when your checking out so you don't loose any of your key items (hopefully!)

Know what your looking for: If you're a Lilly fan, you know your favorite styles and patterns.  If your new, just pick some key categories to look for and focus on those first.

Check your tags:  Personally, my sizes in Lilly differ - I can be a certain size in a top, certain size in a dress and a different size in shorts - Especially since some items are 4/6/8 and some S/M/L so check your shorts/shirts/dresses/peasant top sizes ahead of time to be ready.

Get your favorites first:  In the past this use to be easier because you could just log on and on and on but in August they started using the virtual line (even if you log on RIGHT at 8:00 it could take you a half hour or so to be able to "shop") which is fair but you've got to move fast. 

Free Shipping: That's why I said above to get your favorites first, so many times at sales I take my time looking and get everything I want in my cart and I go to check out and it's all sold out already..  there is no bigger bummer than that!

Final Sale: Items are final sale so check your order (quickly) and check it twice (even quicker) because there's no going back or returning once you've clicked "order."  I've gotten caught up in these sales more time than none so I'll only pick something tomorrow if it's really a "must have." 
*hence the reason I'll be doing some resale Lilly in the new year - be on the lookout 

Like any big great sale - their site might be moving a little slow, especially first thing, just keep trying and maybe have your laptop AND iPad out and ready.  Actually, in more recent years with the growing popularity, the website most always crashes early on.  At the end of the day it's just a sale and there will be plenty more Lilly items on sale in the future so have patience.

It's a great time to stock up on trust  favorites and new items you'd been eyeing but didn't want to pay the price tag.  If you don't get on right at 8:00am, that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of shopping for later in the day - I usually check back a handful of times before the sale is over.  

For more tips from the Lilly Website for Frequently Asked Questions: here

Happy Shopping!!
Be sure to let me know tomorrow what you pick up! 


  1. It can be hit or miss (like you said, checking out only to have your items be sold out is such a bummer), but if you do get stuff, it's seriously such a good deal!

  2. That's so exciting. Her stuff is so cute, but not typically within my budget. I'll have to check out this sale! Thanks for the info.