Saturday, September 5, 2015

Month in Review: August

Just like last month, the last Saturday of the month turned into the first Saturday of the new month.  Life has been flying by these past couple weeks with a lot going on and it's been hard to keep up with the blog but I love having my little "scrapbook" to remember life so here's a look back at August…

There isn't a ton to reflect on for the month since we spent eight days out in California - that took up a good chunk of the month and we loved every minute.  Definitely the highlight of the month and I'm still in the midst of sharing all the details (Part OnePart TwoPart Three)

I think I shared once or twice or 1,000 times how much I love getting a chance to go back to my parent's and sleep in my own bed - we got that chance the night before we left for vacation plus a great BBQ too.

I enjoyed the "perfect summer day" and Derek and I made a weekend trip to New Jersey to see his family and friends.

While I was away, I had a summer vacation series  and started off sharing some of my favorite travel memories and details then had some of my favorite bloggers do the same.

We enjoyed a nice double date (and mexican food!) out with my parents…

In the midst of a busy summer we spent the nicest, most relaxing weekend at home and had a great "nothing" weekend.

The summer gardening season was finished out with some successes, some fails and a lot of flowers that I loved watching bloom.

A little Lilly sale action, of course.

The month was closed out with a really special family weekend (with 15+ of us) at the lake with perfect weather, a champagne brunch and lots of dock and porch time.

We enjoyed a few nice Dining Under the Stars dinners, a couple Phillies games, some nice time with friends, plenty of family gatherings, heat waves but also some nice walks in the slightly cooler mornings/evenings.

And just because I love it, another peek at my favorite photo of the month… 

Looking forward to the rest of September and kicking off this fall season.


  1. August has flown by CRAZY fast! Your August looks like the absolute best month of fun to end the summer :)

  2. Pretty sure August was amazing for you! I definitely wish I had done a little more damage at the Lilly sale!! It was so easy!

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome August! A trip to California would make any month amazing! I would so love to go there sometime.

  4. I loved reading about your California vacation! And a relaxing weekend at home is sometimes exactly what you need when things have been super busy lately, like they have been for y'all!

  5. Y'all had a busy month! Super great last month of summer :)