Wednesday, September 30, 2015

California Part Six: WB Studios & The End

Are we tired of reading vacation posts yet?? If you are just click the "x" at the top of the screen and come back tomorrow - good news is today is the last part of the recap and the last day of our trip! The heat wave was in full force today, we toured WB Studios in the morning, grabbed the same lunch as the day before because the deli was that good and relaxed the rest of the day away at the pool before a final dinner out and the red eye home.

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Day Eight - WB Studios, Pool Time and the End
We got a little touristy again and headed over to Burbank to tour WB Studios.  Years ago when I was in California with my family we did this and it was cool to see some of the sights again (Gilmore Girls, Friends) and some new ones (Pretty Little Liars, The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, Etc).  We went onto the soundstage for Big Bang Theory and even though I don't watch it was cool to see.  We passed the sound stages and trailers for Fuller House (can't wait for the premiere) and took in a lot of interesting facts.  Many of the buildings are reused in different series, have a lot of time put into getting them just right for the season (they were about to change a whole courtyard for PLL to go from spring to fall) and much more.

The park where Ross had to impress Emily playing Rugby which is actually tiny (Left) and the park where "Phoebe Runs" (Right)

Phoebe's Dad's house where she waited in the driveway forever before she could decide to go in or not which also store the PLL props now (Left) The Gellar family home which is also now Emily's house on Pretty Little Liars (Right)

The photos below are all from the Central Perk set.  As I said before, I had toured the studios years ago and we got to explore and take pictures on this set then as well.  It's now in a different location and not quite as freely accessible.  You're able to take a photo on the couch and look around but not roam as freely as before.  They also have an actual Central Perk coffee shop set up separately to enjoy coffee at (has no resemblance to the set other than the sign below)

Pretty Little Liars:
They had endless landmarks from this series on the tour right now since it's such a prominent show for them which along with all the teenage girls, I'm a huge fan so I had no problem seeing it all.

Spencer's Barn (Left) The Delarentas House (Right)

 Hana's House (Left) The Brew (Right)

Mona's house which was also Suki's house from Gilmore Girls (Left) A new building for the upcoming "five years later" season (Right) 

Rosewood Police Station, City Hall and High School.  All are just different sides of one building.

Gilmore Girls:
Even though this series is well over, they still have some of the notable buildings up around the lot to be used for other things but can still be pointed out and recognized on tours.

Luke's Diner (Left) and Miss Patty's Dance Studio (Right)

Fuller House had just started filming before we got to California so we were able to pass by the soundstage and trailers for the show.

One of the many entrance gates.  With all the sound stages they have multiple entrances along the property to keep things simpler.

"Any Town USA" which has been used for more shows then I can remember the tour guide saying.  They can make this street look like anywhere they want, even changing out plants and things like that.

After Friends got so popular the stage that it was shot on became renamed the "Friends" stage.  I believe they said most shows take between 6-8 hours of taping since they tape the full episode in one day but Friends was more like 10ish hours since they were always having so much fun.

Outfits from some of the final Friends episodes as well as the infamous foosball and fridge from Joey/Chandler's apartment. Derek playing around on the green screen stage.

Night Eight: A Change of Plans
It was right off to lunch after our morning tour and then right off to the pool after that for the rest of the day.  We had planned to do an Italian dinner for our last night but after all the heat the concierge got us a reservation for a steakhouse down the street which was much more appealing at that time.

The drinks tasted like perfection, we ate across from Rick Fox and we met the sweetest older lady who still emails us today.

We both wanted steak and we both wanted lobster so one did steak and one did lobster and they were nice enough to split it up for us.  I very much enjoyed our lobster bibs too.

Outfit Details:  dress:  similar style // necklace: Jennifer Zeuner // earrings: nordstrom // purse: gigi new york

  Drinks back at the hotel then off to the airport and into our comfy clothes for the red eye home.

Meanwhile back at home, Stella was enjoying her vacation just as much… 

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Thanks for reading along with the details of our trip - can't wait until the next one! 

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  1. You saw the Gilmore Girls set?!?!? Be still my GG loving heart! Looks like a fabulous way to end your trip, the steak house looks like a perfect choice! It's been fun reliving your trip with you!

  2. It's crazy they still have the sets of shows that aren't even on the air any more! So cool that you sat on the central perk couch!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Gilmore Girls and Friends? Loved both of those shows growing up! Love that photo of you guys on the orange couch! :)

  4. I've actually never visited Universal, so this was pretty cool to see!! I love that they still have Gilmore Girls sets up!! Best show ever!

  5. I would be in heaven visiting the WB Studios - this is sooo cool! Love the couch pictures from Central Perk! Glad you guys had such an awesome vacation!

  6. So much fun! One of the biggest things I thought that we missed out on when we went to LA was not doing a studio tour, so I'll definitely need to add this to my list of things to do for next time. I would love to see the sets from PLL and Gilmore Girls!

  7. That tour looks so fun! I love Friends and Gilmore Girls so I would have been in heaven! Was it a private tour? That dinner looks delicious! Glad you guys had such a great vacation!

  8. Umm I would have been freaking out at the WB Studios! SO fun! I had no clue Mona's house was Suki's house but now that you mention it, I totally see it! And the steak dinner sounds like a perfect way to end your trip! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  9. That is so cool about all the PLL homes and what they were before! Definitely sounds like a fun tour to take! And that steak and lobster...yum!

  10. OMG I am geeking out about the Friends and Gilmore Girls sets, so cool!

  11. What a fun tour! So jealous that you got to tour the Friends set, I loved that show. Glad you two had an awesome vacation.

  12. Just seeing the cafe from Friends, brings the theme song into my head. Haha! You guys have so many great pictures from your trip. I'm glad you guys had so much fun!

  13. I'll never get sick of vacay photos ever! Loving how you guys did everything I'd want to do in LA. And I can't get over the amazingness of touring the Friends soundstage and Central Perk set - that and touring the Harry Potter sets in England are two must-dos for me <3

    Green Fashionista

  14. Looks like a great end to your vacation! That would be a really fun tour to do!

  15. Bring on all of the vacay posts! I love reading about them. That tour sounds like so much fun - I loved all of the Friends and Gilmore Girl pictures. I would've been so excited!!! Glad you had a great trip, sounds like a blast! xx

  16. I really don't know who in their right mind wouldn't want to look at vacation photos, I love them!~ And I am DROOLING over the Friends set! You are so, so lucky that you went there- ah! dying. Looks and sounds like a fun vacation. I haven't been to WB in so long! Since like 1993.

  17. This was my favorite day or your trip by far! Loving that you got to see the Central Perk cafe!

  18. So much fun!! That back lot tour looks like a blast! I would LOVE to do that if we ever go to CA!

  19. You know I love all of that Friends stuff! I would loooove to see it all on our next trip out to Cali. Definitely on my bucket list! Also on my bucket list? To watch a show get taped... How cool would that be?! My cousin has been to several tapings of The Odd Couple and he said that it's really neat to see everything that goes on behind the scenes. I bet Friends would have been a hoot!

  20. Hooray for studio lot tours! The summer before I left for college, my parents and I went to California and did all the tours - WB, Paramount (my favorite) and Universal Studios (kind of lame now that it's basically just another ride/attraction at the theme park). We are psychotic movie-goers in this family, so it was really neat for us to see where it all goes down. Gilmore Girls had just finished their final season at that point, so after my mom and I made fools of ourselves cheering for it when our tour guide mentioned it, he made a special pit stop in Stars Hallow for us to see everything its glory. I actually crack up now when I watch PLL because I recognize everything from Gilmore Girls and just the studio in general! :) So glad you guys had a great end to your trip!

  21. Studio lot tours are so neat! I love that they still have Luke's Diner up! Also, your dresses are always so pretty . :)

  22. This looks like an awesome trip! Definitely on my bucket list! So jealous you got to see the Central Perk set! Friends is one of my favorite shows!! Love your dress too!

  23. oh my gosh central perk! I HAVE to go there. Also, those drinks look pretty good right about now. An hour more of work on hump day!

  24. Loved looking at all of the sets! I love Friends so that was so neat to see things from the series! So glad y'all had fun!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  25. Love this! (great pictures!) I have never been and need to make a trip! (never been anywhere our west actually) Thanks for linking up with us today! xo

  26. This is so freaking cool!! I clearly need to make a trip there as soon as we're back in the US! Haha. I'm re-watching Gilmore Girls right now so seeing the pictures you put up there are awesome. Luke's Diner? LOVE!