Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Vacation Series: Green Fashionista

TGIF - Happy Friday to all, the weekend is here! I've got a little bit of vacation time left plan to continue enjoying it to the end (as always, you can follow along here).  I'll see you all back here come Monday.  Until then, I have one last lady to finish out the Summer Vacation Series.

When I decided upon this travel series, I knew I needed to have Kate participate.  She's had many amazing vacations and she even has her own travel linkup (read below for details).  She's also always having the best time soaking up the sun in Florida.

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Good Morning New Mrs. Readers, I'm Kate and you can find me over at Green Fashionista where I blog about everything from fashion and beauty reviews, to travel recaps, recipes, and my weekend shenanigans which are typically shenanigans. While Christina is off vacationing in Cali, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite vacations I've been on as well as some advice on traveling.

My husband and I have definitely been bitten by the travel bug, and we make it a priority to travel as much as we can and go somewhere new every year for our big trip. I honestly can't decide what my favorite vacation is so far, so I'll say it's a tie between our honeymoon to Fiji in 2010 and our first trip across the pond to Europe in 2014.

*You can find a full recap of our honeymoon in Fiji here*
*Barcelona, Spain - recap found here*
*Mediterranean Cruise on the Norwegian Epic - recap found here*
*Marseille, France - recap found here
*Palma de Mallorca, Spain - recap found here*
*Lisbon, Portugal - recap found here*

Dream Vacation

I would absolutely love to go to the Maldives, and have a stop off in Dubai on the way there to break up the long trip. It'll be so neat to cross off the Indian Ocean on my list!

*The Maldives*

Favorite Vacation Activity

I love to get out there and experience something new such as parasailing, zip-lining, or boat tours. If I'm touring a new city, I love to hit up all the landmarks and am a huge fan of the hop-on hop-off buses.
*Zip-lining in Honduras*
*Parasailing in Key West*
*Architectural Boat Tour in Chicago with Emily and K*

Packing Must Haves

If I'm going on a beachy trip, I pack several bathing suits 1-2 for each day so I always have a dry suit if I want to go back down to the pool or hot tub at night. If I'm going on a city trip, I make sure I have comfortable shoes and a cross-body bag so I'm hands free.

*Enjoying beautiful Magens Bay in St. Thomas*
*Cross-body bag for the win in Boston*

Why living in Orlando is a great place for a vacation/staycation

I'm originally from Connecticut, and moved to Florida 5 years ago and it was hands down the best decision I ever made. No more winters and high cost of living! But to top it off, I live somewhere now that a lot of people come to for vacation. So, I get to enjoy all the fun theme parks, resorts, and activities when I have the time and the money which is amazing! Florida Resident Annual Passes to Disney World for the win!
*Animal Kingdom*
*Magic Kingdom*
*Epcot for a friend's birthday*
*Lazy River at the JW Marriott*

Aside from the tourist areas, there are always fun festivals going on, outdoor concerts, boat days, beautiful beaches, state parks and springs, and you can't beat the fact that there are several cruise departure ports within driving distance which makes a last minute trip even more do-able!
*Chili Cook-Off in the rain*
*Manatees at the springs*
*Cruising to the Bahamas with friends*
*Beach Days are the best*
*Boyz II Men at Epcot*

Carry-On or Check Bags? I prefer to carry-on for sure!

International or Domestic? Definitely international! I love visiting new countries, and getting more stamps on my passport. So exciting!

Site-see or Beach Lounge? I love both! So we try to mix it up, one year we did Europe and Chicago and then we were totally craving a relaxing beach trip next.

Over-packing - Yes or No? Totally guilty of this without fail every time! I need to learn to channel my inner-Kristen and pack smarter!

Your bag gets lost - what are the first three things you wish you put in your carry-on? Unfortunately, this has happened to me enough times that I usually stick to just a carry-on. If I check a bag, all of my important items are in my carry-on such as several changes of clothes, my best accessories, makeup, phone charger, and if going on a beachy trip - several bathing suits and cover-ups.
I hope you enjoyed hearing about my travels and traveling tips! Don't forget to hop on over and link up every 2nd Wednesday of the month to join EmilyKerri, and myself for Wanderlust Wednesdays. We love reading about everyone's past travels and travel wish lists! You can also check out all of my documented travels on my travel tab here


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