Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Vacation Series: Going the Distance

Hi friends and Happy Tuesday!  I'm enjoying being on "vacation time" and soaking up the sun.  I'm continuing on today with the Summer Vacation Series with my first guest blogger and I know you'll all love her.

Jenn was one of my first blogger friends (and guest posted here during our last vacation) and I've loved getting to know her.  She got married just a few months before me and always has the best recipes and just started a fabulous new linkup.  To find more about her, make sure to pop over to her blog.


Hi friends! In case we haven't met yet, I'm Jenn, and I blog over at Going the Distance!
Christina asked me to guest post for her while she and Derek are away on their anniversary trip to California (luckies!) and of course I said yes! 
Since she's off on a vacation with her love, she posed some questions for myself and the other guest posters to answer--so here are mine:

Best Vacation? 
This is a hard one--we've had a lot of really great vacations together. My top two would be our honeymoon to Antigua (you can read recaps here and here). It was so romantic, the island was beautiful, and it was just some really great post-wedding time together.
My other favorite has to be when we went to Mexico with MG's sisters and brothers-in-law for our one brother-in-law's 40th birthday, without any kids. We rarely get to hang out with them without kids, and it was the first trip they'd all taken together, just adults. We had an absolute blast and we still bring up stories and memories from that long weekend.
We had so much fun we planned to do this for every 40th birthday one of us celebrated. I love this tradition :)

Dream Vacation Location?
Maldives, Bora Bora/Tahiti--any of those, hands down. I wouldn't want to spend all of the time to get there, but everything about those places is gorgeous. I hope we make it to at least one of them one day!
Favorite Vacation Activity?
I love laying on the beach and reading. I ripped through 4 books on our last vacation because I was so relaxed. I also love to go on excursions when we are somewhere, just so we can see the place we're visiting and do something other than just sitting on the beach.
And, of course, a drink in your hand....:)
Packing Must Haves?
Other than the usual with clothes for every occasion, makeup, etc I always make sure to bring my Kindle with me and if I have some magazines I haven't gotten to yet, I bring those too. And snacks. Because....snacks! :)
I also try and pack a good supply of sunscreen (and aloe, just in case!)

Why where you live would be a good place for a staycation/vacation?
There are SO MANY fun things to do in and around DC. Museums, landmarks, memorials, cruises along the water front....I wrote a post a bit ago about things to do in Northern VA, too (check it out here), including wineries and Old Town. We also have the National Harbor which is on the border of Maryland and VA with lots of fun restaurants, a ferris wheel and a casino being built. I'd definitely recommend this area for a nice long weekend getaway!

Carry on OR check your bags? 
I try to carry on whenever possible to avoid those pesky checked bag fees (altho Frontier apparently charges more for carry-on than checked bags which is weird to me...)

International OR domestic?
Either one--both mean that I'm going on a trip somewhere!

Sightsee OR beach lounge? 
Both! Especially if we are somewhere for longer than a couple of days, I want to sightsee. Otherwise, I'm pretty ok with beach lounging too :)

Over packing – Yes OR No? 
Almost always YES, especially for longer trips. I like to have options :)
Plus, if I'm going somewhere warm when it's been cold out, it's harder to pick out the warm-weather clothes since I haven't worn them in several months when I'm packing.

Your bag gets lost – what are the first three things you wish you put in the carry on?
This happened to us on our honeymoon and I was very thankful to have had a change of clothes and my toiletries (due to an overnight layover). I didn't have a swimsuit with me (which we ended up buying). I'd say those are my big ones. 
This was such a fun post to do! Thanks, Christina, for having me! I can't wait to read what your other guest posters' answers are. I hope you have a great vacation!

I hope to see you guys stop by my little space on the interwebs, too! :)

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  1. How fun! I love any discussion on vacations! And interesting enough, my our luggage got lost on our honeymoon too. I was also very thankful for my bikini and toiletries in my carry on! :)

    1. Ugh isn't it the worst?? I've never had my bags lost (as an adult) and it figures it would happen when I'm exhausted post-wedding and on my honeymoon. Luckily it all worked out ok and the airline ended up paying for our swimsuits and extra clothes! :)

  2. Well of course I agree with you on your dream destinations - I'll plan a trip for us lol! I always try to carry on for that reason - luggage being lost is so scary, but the few times I've had to check ours thankfully the direct flights made the difference lol! Such a fun Q&A! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Yes!! Plan us a trip!!! :)
      Direct flights are a LOT easier to make sure your bags get where they need to go. It's the layovers that get you. On our honeymoon we stayed overnight, and I think that's where the problem was. The bags didn't make it on our flight the next morning. It worked out in the end tho!

  3. Thanks for having me today Christina! Hope you and Derek are living it up in Cali!!!

  4. Vacation is exactly what I need right now!! Any of the ones on your list sound amazing Jenn! I always overpack too and am mad at myself but you just never know exactly what you might want to wear. I'm with you on having to have my kindle. Love reading books though it doesn't happen much anymore with kids wanting attention. :)

  5. I never check my bag because it inevitably always gets lost. That's just my luck lol! And yes to all of your dream destinations! Love!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. Your dream destinations- can I tag along? Haha. :) Lovely getting to know more about you, Jenn! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. I love Jenn! My dream vacay is definitely Bora Bora too! Our bags got lost on our honeymoon too... SO annoying!

  8. I love hearing about all these trips! Super nice that you were able to do a family get away with just the adults...that's always nice!

  9. Tahiti totally has me thinking of RHOC! It looked awesome.

  10. Girl, you have me REALLY craving a vacation right now. A child-free one, might I add;)

  11. I love hearing about other people's trip. So fun. I totally want to go to Bora Bora one day.

  12. Glad you had what you needed when your bags got lost on your HM! Not having your checked luggage come out on the carousel is the worst! And yay for travel :-D

  13. Oh no, how frustrating that they lost your luggage!! I would probably cry, lol! I love Maryland and D.C., I have a SIL that lives there and we love to visit them!

  14. After watching the most recent episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County a new place on my list is def Tahiti. It looks absolutely GORGEOUS! I may have just found my future honeymoon destination! lol

  15. Loved hearing about all your travel favorites, Jenn! I'm so excited to have my Kindle with me for our Puerto Rico trip in October - you've totally made me a convert. :)

    1. I'm so glad you're loving the Kindle--I knew that you would!! ;)

  16. Our bags got lost on our honeymoon too! We had some extra clothes and a bathing suit packed in a carry-on, but we didn't have any of our toiletries, and I felt so dirty! Luckily ours arrived the very next day, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

  17. How fun! I love reading travel posts! Bora bora is also a dream destination of mine and of course, Im definitely guilty of overpacking for almost every single trip long or shot... lol

  18. Hope you are enjoying your vacation in California! I am so envious ;)
    Fun to meet Jenn!!

  19. Loved your post, Jenn, and can't wait for the linkup tomorrow!

  20. What great questions!! I want make it to Bora Bora one day as well!! Love the 40th Birthday tradition...GREAT IDEA!!! Good carry-on picks!