Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shopping Session: Recent Lilly Favorites + Giveaway

I shared on Monday details of my visit to the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale and got asked a lot of questions about what treasures I found there so today I figured I'd do a shopping session with some recent favorites {some are in my closet, some are on my wish list} and why I'm loving them..  
*If you don't like Lilly then just hit the x at the top of the screen and return tomorrow, this is the last post highlighting this style for a while.. I think :)  

Style One: Cotton Dress

Why? I love all of these looks because I prefer the dresses at Lilly that run S/M/L as opposed to 4/6/8 because they are usually a little more casual and comfortable so they can make an easy switch from day to night.  They also usually have a lower price tag.

Don't get me wrong, I love the patterns but sometimes it's nice to pickup some simple pieces and this pink/white striped dress {also comes in blue/white} is one of my favorites.  On the site it's regular price but in my store it was on the sale rack.  The pattern cut-out {also comes in a separate pattern} would be perfect for either day or night. The t-shirt dress {also comes in navy/white} is light weight and perfect for staying cool on a hot day. 
Blue Heaven - isn't that a cute name? - the pattern of the t-shirt dress also comes in this shift dress and this pullover.

Style Two: Shift Dress
Why? When people think Lilly, a lot of the time they think classic shift dress.  I like to treat myself to maybe one new one a season, if that, because while they are great for a night out, they aren't quite as versatile. If you have a special event coming up - then this is the perfect treat.  When I saw these on sale, it was the perfect time to stock up because the price tag on these runs a bit higher than the style of dress my eye usually goes toward.  You never know when a nice night out, charity event or something you need to look a little nicer for might pop up and I'd rather take advantage of a sale price and have a dress waiting than be in a pinch last minute.

I love the pattern and neckline of this dress (also can be found in this dress style, this top and these shorts) and I love the coloring of this one especially the yellow 
(also can be found in this style). 

Other Favorites… 

One // This one is still on the lust list - It would be perfect to wear to the office with the sleeves but also could work for a nice dinner.  It's no secret that I'm loving navy and white right now but I love the touch of coral that adds to this briella fit & flare dress. 

Two // Unsure of this dress at first because of the three quarter length sleeves (in summer, really??) but I couldn't love it more - perfect for a  breezy summer night or even daytime in the high air conditioned office because this sarasota tunic dress is so light weight. 

other dresses in this pattern can be found herehere and one of my most favorite bathing suit cover ups that could work as a dress here

Three // One of my favorite patterns this season, Scuba to Cuba (I mean how fun is that to even say) has one of the most comfortable coverups in the collection.
Other cute items in this pattern are this razor back tank top, this silk slip dress and this tank top romper.

Four // This was one of my favorite items found at the sale because it's a toned down item (can't always be the wild patterns.. well..) and I also found it on the sale racks at my local store so check in store first but also can be found here.  Can also be found in navy/white stripes and navy blue/coral.  

I know some people are on the fence about LP and the prices but I feel that it's based on your style.  I know for myself I like the quality of the clothing as much as I like the patterns and if I see a piece that I'll like - I'll wear it for years to come not just the upcoming season.  I planned share some photo of the items and share some photos of me wearing the times but I don't know how the fashion bloggers do it - time slipped away from me.  Stay tuned for a looks lately post next week with some of my favorite recent outfits (Lilly and non-Lilly).

These are just some of my favorite pieces (some sale pieces) that fit my body best - there are plenty of other patterns and styles I love and you can check them all out on the Lilly Pulitzer website.

Also, have you taken a peek at the new preview of the 2016 Resort Collection yet?  Think bright colors, lots of tassels and hopefully a few headbands.

Now the fun part.. Enter below for a chance to win a Lilly Pulitzer gift giveaway including a 'spill the juice' necklace, a white/gold seashell bangle and two drink koozies.

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  1. Love all those dresses and the pretty colors!

  2. Lilly always has some great colors for the season. Looks like you found some great options!

  3. I really do think at least one lilly dress is needed in my closet!! I love everything you got! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I really need a Lilly dress in my closet!! I like the styles you wear the best and I am so stinking' jealous that you got to go to the BIG sale last week (or a few weeks ago!). Hope you have a great day, Christina!

  5. Ahh I love ALL of these!! Lilly has the best cuts and patterns!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. I fell in love with a gold and white Brielle dress last fall, but I was unsure on sizing... and I'm kicking myself for not just trying it anyway because it really is the perfect style!!

  7. Those shift dresses are so pretty, I think that style is definitely my new obsession :-D

  8. love everything about this post! and i'm with you on the casual dresses and the s/m sizing. I wasn't sure about it but once they arrived i love the comfy fit!

  9. Great picks! Love me some Lilly! The new line has some super cute items

  10. I don't own anything Lilly, but your post is definitely making me want to!

  11. I have always lusted after Lilly and have been slowly building my Lilly wardrobe over the past year. My new favorite is their cotton dresses as they are so versatile!

  12. I am loving the Essie sleeveless top in the Scuba to Cuba pattern! Unfortunately, the top is sold out in my size...but I keep stalking the Lilly site to see if it magically comes back in stock before the summer is over!!

  13. Woah, thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway! I love all of your picks, especially those shift dresses.

  14. I love these finds! and i'm sure you would look FABULOUS in all of them :)

  15. I'm not usually the biggest fan of LP designs, but I sure do adore everything that you rounded up here! I think all the bright colors are just an instant mood booster. :)

  16. I'm not a huge Lilly lover but there are several dresses that I love! I am drooling over that Sarasota tunic you listed, it's so pretty & perfect for summer. Now I just want to go shopping :)

  17. Ugh the widgets don't work on my computer for some reason. I don't own anything Lilly for budget reasons but I've seen a romper that I really liked. I also like the quirky printed shorts, like elephants and fish!

  18. LOVE the dress on the right in your first set of pictures/style one, and that one with the big yellow flowers on it. So pretty. I really like the shift style too. :-) Fun giveaway too!