Thursday, June 4, 2015

Puppy Popsicles

I know there are a ton of pup lovers out there who love to spoil their pups just as much as I do!
We always give our dogs doggy ice cream and I've been wanting to make some myself.
Let me tell you, this took about 15 minutes and was easy as can be.
You only need three ingredients.  THREE.

Like any great recipe, I searched Pinterest and found a recipe to follow along.

32 ounces plain yogurt (you could also use vanilla)

 1 cup peanut butter

3 ripe bananas 
 How To:

+ Put all three ingredients in a bowl, use a hand mixer to mix then pour into your serving cup of choice

+ Place in freezer to freeze and let sit for at least a few hours to harden up

+ Serve and enjoy your pups' happiness
Next time i might try using plastic bathroom cups (much better for Stella, the big size worked great for Nash and Stella just got to save half for the next day), Silicone cupcake wrappers or putting a dog treat in to kind of make it like a popsicle. 
 Ice cream goes nicely on it's own or with a little cookie/treat.  Like I said above, next time I'd like to include a treat in the ice cream.
your pups will love you even more than they already to.  Stella and Nash get so hot in the summer and Stella especially has made it clear she doesn't like the heat - perfect way to cool down.

On the note of pups - have you ever let your dog have corn? My parents saw their friends give each of their pups an ear corn when it was almost finished and the pups flipped for it! So they tried it with our dog and he was hooked too! Stella doesn't eat people food (well that much, maybe a couple pieces of cereal, etc.) because she's so little and we had no intention of giving her corn.  That is until Nash was enjoying his and she took it upon herself to jump up as he was eating and try it too! She loved it and might be hooked as well.  Plus they looked adorable sharing and actually shared very well!


  1. What a fun idea, dogs deserve treats too! :)

  2. Looks like Stella was a fan!!! Too cute! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Definitely making these for my pup this summer! I make all his dog treats and he really seems to love the homemade ones better than store bought! Glad to see Stella loves them!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. so fun! my dog would love the pupsicles!

  5. LOVE this! My girl's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and these would be the perfect treats for her <3

  6. That picture of them sharing corn is sooo cute! My dogs are a little more territorial with food so I could see some growling going on if they were in that position.

  7. Darling pictures of those pups and their treats! We like that recipe too. I use the silicone baby food containers I have for our pupsicles. I hadn't thought about corn before. I avoid dog food with grains because it can be hard on their bellies, but maybe a little treat off the cob won't hurt?!?

  8. I must try these! Leonidas would love these. He's a big fan of any frozen treats - and no pup can say no to PB and bananas!

    Have you ever given Stella watermelon? Leonidas absolutely loves it. That might make a good pupsicle as well.

  9. Such a good idea and way cheaper than the kinds you buy at the store! I think Kona would like this a lot.

    My parents dog really like watermelon, actually any melon! it's pretty hilarious to watch him chomp right to the light part of the rind! Always outside though, watermelon is easy to get out of fur but not carpet! ;)

  10. YES!! Can't wait to make this for Charlie! Awesome share :)

  11. My dogs would LOVE this, definitely need to try this out for them!

  12. Well, I know that you've already made Finley one happy pup - I'm making that ice cream stat!

  13. I'm just over here thinking.. can I eat those popsicles?! They look good! :)

  14. I'm going to have to write that down because we are looking at getting a puppy when we move into the new house!!!!!!!!! That makes me so excited to type haha but I can't wait to try making the doggy ice cream!

  15. I am sooo going to try this this weekend! My dogs LOVE some PB!

  16. So easy! I will be making these soon!! Thanks for the recipe!